Kevin Durant On Social Media Slams Of Michael Rapaport: 'My Bad I Apologize'

Kevin Durant may be one of the most sensitive superstars in sports history. Michael Rapaport may be one of the biggest goofballs in all of acting. Put them together and what do you get? Well, you get social media gold, that's what.

All of it seemed to stem from Rapaport calling Durant "sensitive" in an interview with TNT's Inside the NBA crew. Durant sounded off. And warning, the language gets fairly, uh, raw.

After all this (and we strongly recommend reading the comments/replies to this fight of the famous), Durant downplayed it, seemed to apologize and indicated that this type of back-and-forth with Rapaport is nothing new.

Durant is an outstanding basketball player but sometimes struggles with the "haters" that often come with being a noted athlete. Remember, this is the same man who once got caught using fake social media accounts to respond to his critics.

This isn't to excuse the general behavior of Rapaport. He criticized Durant, giving him some heat, then whined when Durant responded angrily. You know what they say about the heat and the kitchen and all that.

Anyway, it makes for good entertainment for the rest of us. It will be interesting to see if the NBA thinks so, too. The league has fined and even suspended players -- including the late Kobe Bryant -- for using gay slurs during play. Wonder if the same rules apply for off the court?