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Are we witnessing a shift from comedians against the wokester nonsense? There are signs it's happening

In case you missed it, Clay went on Tucker Carlson's show Tuesday night where he addressed how comedians Jon Stewart and Bill Maher are rebelling against the wokes. Clay said he thinks we're seeing a "revolution against the woke universe and that's going to be led by creative people."

It was a very interesting statement by Clay because something happened over the weekend in the very small hippie town of Yellow Springs, Ohio where Dave Chappelle calls home. The comedian has been inviting actors, comedians and musicians to his farm where he's been putting on shows since last summer as the COVID crazies were losing their minds. Many of the guests have come from what would typically be considered the left universe. This weekend something wild happened.

Kid Rock showed up! Kid Rock was welcomed at Dave's farm! That's right, a guy who would take a bullet for Donald Trump was right there at Chappelle's farm in one of the biggest leftist towns in the United States. Word on the street from those who were there is that Kid Rock even went on a canoe trip with comedian Donnell Rawlings -- definitely not some Trump superfan -- and regular Joes of all colors.

Then the regular Joes went back to Dave's farm for a BBQ -- Chappelle worked the charcoal grill -- and eventually sang "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with the party host and Bill Murray.

Chappelle's history of not caring who he offends is well documented. The gays hate Chappelle. The gays also have Kid Rock at the top of their hated list. Now Dave has gone and brought Kid Rock to town during Pride Month to their town where pride flags fly on pretty much every building in town. Chappelle has been buying up property to open up a comedy club in this town where you're a fascist if you don't buy free-range eggs and use soap made by some hippie named Rainy.

Look, here's what Chappelle has going on in Yellow Springs -- he's bringing in creative people to see what happens. To see what can be created. To see what type of content develops out of it. It's a very creative town to begin with, but now he's supercharging the entire operation by inviting some of the most creative people in the United States to come eat BBQ and enjoy life. He's challenging people to think for themselves. He's clearly not trying to build some woke socialist utopia like the Yellow Springs lifers dream of.

And now people either get with the program and enjoy the comedy, the music, the fun and the food or they go back to their holes and their miserable lives. It's our choice how we consume content. It's just taking some people longer to get with the program.

Oh and by the way, Jon Stewart is a graduate of the Dave Chappelle farm experience. He was there in July 2020 -- DURING THE PANDEMIC...OMG LEFTIES...THINK ABOUT THAT!! -- and an old high school friend of mine was there that night to document the wild scene. Jon Stewart doing comedy on a stage in a cornfield in Ohio next to a dairy farm.

Chappelle is a damn genius for what he has cooked up for the entertainment world during this pandemic era.

• John T. in Milwaukee emailed me about my Monday morning musing about miniature golf in Traverse City and how focused I was on winning the hole-in-one battle against my 8-year-old son:

I was visiting Traverse City over Memorial Day and had the pleasure of playing the Blackbeard Challenge Course with three of my sons.  I take the same approach you do with your kids and agree that the hole-in-one total is the great equalizer when playing mini golf with small children – I will beat them like a drum in stroke play but each of them has clipped me on hole-in-one totals in the past. 

That brings me back to the Blackbeard Challenge Course.  Your Screencaps summary was a little misleading this morning.  The Blackbeard Challenge Course is named that for a reason – it's the more difficult of the two 18-hole layouts at TC Pirate's Cove.  That being said, #1 on that track is set up specifically to fool the golfers – the lady at the ticket booth warns you that Blackbeard Challenge is the more difficult of the two layouts, double checking with you to make sure you're making the right choice with younger golfers in tow, but when you get to #1 you realize that it's a guaranteed hole-in-one hole and you start second guessing the ticket lady ("Did we go the right way?"  "Is this really the more challenging course?"  "'Blackbeard Challenge' is a total misnomer!").  In any event, on my recent trip I took my three kids and two neighbor kids tagged along.  On #1, you have me (20 index) and 5 children ranging from age 4 to 13.  All 6 of us got hole-in-ones.  I crushed them all in stroke play by at least 10 strokes but my 4 year old got two more (lucky) hole-in-ones so took the crown for the day.

Keep up the good work. 

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