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Did you watch the Greg Norman 30 for 30?

I know the cool thing to do today is crush Greg Norman for his work with the Saudis on a PGA Tour alternative. The 30 for 30 this guy just turned in for ESPN is a brutal watch when you know the guy is going to go down in flames at the 1996 Masters and yet he walks Augusta National hitting shots and talking about how he was the star in one of the biggest folds in sports history.

It's easy to envision the bitter blue checkmarks sitting at home praying Greg Norman would break down in tears over that historic disaster and they'd have it in 4k for eternity. I'll let you see how the 30 for 30 plays out, but I feel it was a fair portrayal and look at the era in golf just before Tiger burst onto the scene and Greg went on with his life making huge piles of cash.

Let's never root for sports to be void of eccentrics. We need Greg Normans. We need Nick Faldos. We need Patrick Reeds. We need Jordan Spieths. And Rickie Fowlers. Good. Bad. Nice guys. Crowd favorites. Enemies.

I actually LOVE that Norman is getting a pile of money from the Saudis because it is absolutely soul-crushing to the blue checkmarks. Do I think the Saudis are good guys? Of course not. I'm just a content guy rooting for content in sports, and Norman provides it to us. The guy is 67, insanely good looking (according to the ladies) and doesn't fit into a box like blue checkmarks say he should.

Screw them. Give me the eccentrics. Hell, we may even get another 30 for 30 -- Greg & the Saudis, the beheading -- before his final chapter is written. I'm here for whatever drama develops.

Go watch the "Shark" 30 for 30. Trust me. It's good.

Random thoughts on a Thursday

This wasn't a pitchers' duel:

Let's protect the pond ducks in Indy

• Guy G. writes:

For Chris K in Indy:

If that duck is sitting on eggs, you should put up a barrier for them. The HOA mow guy doesn’t care, and will most likely chase the duck off, and waste the eggs. They are important to your ecosystem, being that would be a disaster of a pond, were they not there to clean up the riffraff.

TNML update from WNY. It’s brutal here, and my season is on indefinite suspension. The photo is from Tuesday, 4/19. I haven’t been able to turn of the dirt for the garden or deer plots yet. It’s a rough spring here…and we’ve still got the wood stove burning!

One day, I’ll see grass again, and be able to keep it tight. Or, maybe this Global Cooling thing is real.


I hear you, Guy. The clouds, rain, SNOW, and gloominess on this side of Lake Erie has been brutal as well. The only thing saving my sanity has been garage beers with the neighbors and my faith that there will be that May afternoon where the skies clear, the temp will blast up to 80 and we'll get that four week period of spring where it'll drop to 62 for a high in early June & I'll be begging Mother Nature to just give us a consistent 83-85 so summer doesn't fly by.

It's officially mowing season in western Nebraska

• Adam W. in Sidney, NE is ready to roll:

Heres to you Mr TNML inventer guy. Beers!

Great week, first off the mask garbage is over at my work!!!. It was a great moment getting congratulations from air travelers and high fives from fellow employees on Monday.

Tomorrow we mow.  Think me and the crew hit the setup pretty good.  We’re expecting the 05 Briggs to unload and make some big power tomorrow.  She is gonna be cutting from setting B so we keep the front end down to the grass.  Proud of all the work the guys have done at the shop.


No matter how many times I see TNML stickers on mowers I still can't get over how great they look, and how official things really are now. Each and every time is a 'we made it' moment.

• David S. writes:

TNML proudly displayed on my garage Fridge…………Thanks again Sir!



I keep seeing these beer fridge submissions and all I can think of is how I need to step up my beer fridge sticker game. I was never a beer fridge sticker guy, but now I have the basement fridge pumpin' out keg beer, so I think it's actually required that I start applying stickers.

Is there one beer fridge Holy Grail sticker that I need to get my hands on? I have cool things to trade for stickers. Let me know.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

Screencaps submissions & a 'Thank you'

• Doug J., who has had his head on a swivel out on the roads, writes:

Got a couple pics for Screencaps. Got my TNML sticker yesterday! Thank you so much. So excited to see TNML in the return address spot on the envelope. Love it all

How crazy is the housing market?

• Mike T. in Idaho sent this one over. Houses in a "sleepy" Grand Rapids, MI neighborhood are selling for close to $1 million. The Wall Street Journal investigates this phenomenon.

This is where I give you guys the heads up that in Toledo, you can buy 8,700 sq. ft. beasts for $375,000. Sure, in some cases you'll have to convert these places back to single-family homes, but in the Glass City's Old West End you can buy some insane old mansions for pennies. Let your lib lib friends know there are deals out there. Let's see how lib lib they are.

Are they willing to live in the 'hood?

Costco parking or any parking lot for that matter

• Keith W. in Glendale, AZ wants to remind all of us to be careful where we're parking:

Joe, I received the TNML sticker in the mail - thanks! Just wanted to send you a note after reading today's screencaps regarding your Costco parking spot… it seems my duty being a part of the screencaps community to provide insider advice…

Never park your car directly next to the cart corral, unless you have a beat up junker already. Speaking as a former Target cart attendant years ago during high school, that is the prime spot for dings, scratches, and dents in your car. Either a customer will hit your car with their cart trying to put it in the corral because they have zero control; or a customer will try rolling the cart in from across the aisle and miss; or the corral will be full and the overspill carts will shift from the wind and bang into your car; or, most likely, the cart attendant will be collecting the carts out of the corral and will try pushing through the space between your car and the corral to bring them into the store and scratch them along your door.

25 years later and I still avoid that spot.


That should do it. I think we're ready to get rolling on this TNML Thursday. Let's go out and show pride in our property and community. Let's give 'em hell at work across this great country and then I need to see photos of your accomplishments. Make sure to tag your sponsors and turn your yard/mower into art.

Have a great day.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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