Kanye West Has Wedding Ceremony With Mysterious Woman: REPORT

Kanye West reportedly had a wedding ceremony with Bianca Censori.

The disgraced rapper, who is vocal about his enthusiasm for Hitler, had a private ceremony with Censori to "celebrate their love," according to TMZ.

However, there's no evidence as of Friday afternoon that the couple has filed a marriage certificate to make it official, according to the same report. However, TMZ does define the two as "married."

That means for now, it appears it's just for sure. Having said that, Kanye was wearing a wedding ring when he was spotted in Beverly Hills. TMZ reported "the ring symbolizes his commitment to her following the ceremony."

Hitching with a musician who doesn't denounce Nazis is very bold.

Yes, someone looked at Kanye going down like the Titanic as he loudly shouted pro-Hitler comments and thought to themselves, "I want to hitch my wagon to this guy."

What was it about Kanye West that drew Censori to him? That, much like a lot about her, seems to be unknown.

However, hitching your wagon to a guy who publicly talks about how much he likes Hitler and routinely says anti-Semitic things is a bold move.

Was it the Alex Jones interview that did it for her or something else? I mean, what rational person didn't watch Kanye go up like the Hindenburg and think he seems like a great mate for life.

Who is Kanye West's new woman Bianca Censori?

Information about Censori is pretty limited online. There was an Instagram account featuring that name with more than 16,000 followers that appears to have been deleted.

Even the WayBackMachine isn't capable of pulling up what might have been on the page. Google last scarped the Instagram account when it had 27 posts and 16,500 followers.

Several fake accounts of Censori have popped up in the recent hours, but a real one doesn't seem active.

Her LinkedIn lists Bianca Censori as a Yeezy architectural designer since November 2020. She also lists a masters degree in architecture from the University of Melbourne.

She got her bachelor's degree in the same subject in 2017, per her LinkedIn.

We'll have to see if more information leaks out, but as of right now, this is just another example of Kanye West doing something unexpected. Much like everyone, we're eagerly waiting for an explanation for what Censori saw in Kanye that canceled out his insane anti-Semitism.

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