Justin Wilcox Is College Football's Most Eligible Bachelor And Cal-Berkeley REALLY Wants You To Know He's Single

Cal-Berkeley head football coach Justin Wilcox is single. The school REALLY wants you to know.

When it comes to college football media guides, there are a lot of random factoids and information. They are packed full of interesting facts, stats, and breakdowns.

In addition, media guides typically include a short biography for each player and coach on the roster and on staff. Tidbits about the players and coaches often include where they are from, where they played or coached before enrolling at their current school, and some fun facts.

Those fun facts could be anything from a hidden talent, to their academic major, to parents names. Rarely, if ever, does it include their marital status. Especially if the coach or player isn't married.

Just as an example, here is what Ole Miss lists about co-offensive coordinator John David Baker:

As you can see, there is some personal information, but not a lot. It definitely does not list whether he is in a relationship, married, single, or otherwise.

That is not the case for Cal-Berkeley.

The Golden Bears make it very clear that Justin Wilcox is Berkeley's most eligible bachelor.

The team media guide includes a section for "Family" under both its players and coaches. For some, it lists parents. For others, it lists a spouse and any children they may have.

For Wilcox, it just says "Single."

The team website also lists the same.

It seems to me like Cal-Berkeley could have left this information out. Not that it's a bad thing that Wilcox is single, but perhaps that part didn't need to be blasted out to the entire world.

Unless he wanted it to be. Maybe Wilcox specifically requested that it does list his single status. Maybe he is trying to hit the NorCal dating pool. Probably not, but maybe!

Either way, it is extremely unusual for a university to list their head coach as single like that. It could be possible that other schools do the same or similar, but have never seen another example like this.

Ladies, have at him! Wilcox is single and ready to mingle. Cal-Berkeley really wants you to know!