Justice Is Served As NYPD Cops Scoop Ice Cream Thief Up Off A Ledge

A New York City man running from the cops with $65 worth of Häagen-Dazs® ice cream found himself in a real jam Tuesday, as cops cornered Anthony Pastore in an East Harlem alley, where he was hanging off a ledge needing to be rescued.

The NYPD says Pastore led them on a two-block foot chase from an Upper East Side CVS, where he tried to get away with the glorious dessert. One thing led to another, and Pastore was left clinging to a ledge high enough off the ground that he figured jumping for it wasn't worth the petty crime charge he'd be booked on. The 23rd precinct eventually scooped the Superman wannabe off the side of the building and said this "icecapade" had a safe conclusion.

Justice was served, and Pastore will now think twice about sticking with the rocky road in front of him if he's ever again tempted to go on a Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel HEAVEN Light Ice Cream run.

If you really want a treat, grab yourself some limited edition Peppermint Bark and dig into the Twitter comments left for the 23rd precinct. Indulge in the comments, where people think the cops shouldn't have chased the petty thief. It's a real treat.

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