Judge Deems City Ordinance Banning Bikini Baristas Unconstitutional

Good news for the people of Everett, Washington. Well, those who prefer to receive their coffee from a bikini barista anyway.

A city ordinance that banned baristas from wearing certain types of clothing has been deemed unconstitutional. A district judge ruled that the 5-year-old ordinance violated the equal protection clause in the 14th Amendment.

Baristas in Everett will now be permitted to wear G-strings and pasties on the job if they choose. The ordinance attempted to ban such attire.

Jovanna Edge, the owner of several coffee shops including Hillbilly Hotties, sued the city council after the ordinance was passed. She felt that it unlawfully targeted women.

The city council argued that the ban was necessary to prevent crime. They claim the coffee stands have a history of prostitution, sexual assault, and exploitation.

You Can't Hold These Bikini Baristas Back

US District Judge Ricardo Martinez ruled the ordinance treats women differently than men. He said, "There is evidence in the record that the bikini barista profession, clearly a target of the Ordinance, is entirely or almost entirely female."

"It is difficult to imagine how this Ordinance would be equally applied to men and women in practice."

An employee of Hillbilly Hotties reacted the ruling earlier this week. She was obviously happy with the outcome and said, "I think this protects our safety from law enforcement touching our body."

"Who's approving my outfit? Is it my female boss or some random dude cop that I don't know? I don't want them having to stick a ruler next to my body."

Coffee shops with bikini baristas aren't necessarily my thing, but it's good to to know that they're out there. Somewhere, somebody is ordering coffee from someone in a G-string and pasties.

If that doesn't make the world a better place I don't know what does.

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