Jose Canseco's Daughter Josie Claims Her Family Is Broke And She Is Not Living Off Family Name

Josie Canseco, a Victoria’s Secret model and daughter of one half of the Bash Brothers, spoke out on social media on Monday about being self-made and her family’s money.

Canseco wrote in a series of since-deleted Instagram posts her family is "broke" and did not get the advance in life because she came from money.

"Everyone claiming I came from all this rich money because I'm a 'canseco' do ur research," the 26-year-old wrote Monday morning. "My 'family money' was blown by the time I was 6/7 w bankruptcy n I had to work my ass off to not only sustain my 'family name' but also pay my bills cause no one paid that s--- except me.

"My family is broke and I dont get the advance of a family that was rich."

Josie Canseco Builds Her Career

She added that she was in debt for "years" and was making about $100-per-week when she first started her modeling career.

"I’m tired of being categorized when it was very different," she added. "I’m beyond grateful because I certainly have been graced with the privilege of being born within a family that earned what they earned but respectfully, the expectation isn’t all what it seems."

Josie is the daughter of Jose and Jessica Canseco. 

Jose Canseco starred for the Oakland Athletics, winning an MVP award in 1988. He also blew the doors off the steroid scandal that plagued the league in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He reportedly made about $40 million from his playing career and filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

Jessica Canseco is also a former model and has appeared on several reality TV shows.