John Mellencamp Would Rather Sit And Eat Popcorn Than Stand For National Anthem

John Mellencamp has made a lot of money singing about America and life in the greatest country on the face of the Earth.

He's also done some nice charitable things such as help found Farm Aid.

So Mellencamp probably isn't a bad guy.

But on Sunday afternoon, prior to the NFL game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts, Mellencamp apparently decided standing for the national anthem was too much trouble.

So he sat in his luxury seat at Lucas Oil Stadium while most of the 66,241 present stood for the national anthem.

Mellencamp, 71, was apparently too busy eating popcorn to show respect for the colors in the middle of the field.

Someone in the adjacent section snapped the photo of Mellencamp and sent it to OutKick 360's Dan Dakich:

And, I get it, the dude did sing the authority song. In that one Mellencamp belts out, "I fight authority, authority always wins."

But this isn't about authority. It's about respect. And, you know, not being a fraud.

Mellencamp wrote a lot about being American and living and growing up in America. He marketed himself as kind of an All-American guy from the Midwest.

But he conveniently forgot to write about how he doesn't want to stand for 90 seconds to honor America.

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