John Fetterman Claims Dr. Oz Is A Cowboys Fan

The Senate race in Pennsylvania between Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz has gotten ugly. Fetterman may have just thrown the most underhanded barb of all: accusing Oz of being a Cowboys fan.

That doesn't go over well in the Keystone State.

Fetterman tweeted an image of a new billboard situated along I-95 near Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Now that Dr. Oz is running for office, he acts like he’s a real Philly sports fan. But we all know he’s really a Cowboys fan,” Fetterman tweeted, showing off his billboard that doesn't make it seem at all like he's grasping at straws as this campaign winds down.

“Our beautiful new billboard at the Linc won’t let you Iggles fans forget it.”

First of all, when the best you've got is accusing a guy of rooting for a rival team, your campaign is completely out of ideas. Campaign workers have probably tossed their hands up and are already trying to find new gigs for after the first Tuesday in November rolls around.

Secondly, let's not pretend that Fetterman's football allegiances would fare any better in the eyes of the great people of Philadelphia.

Fetterman was the Mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania in the western part of the state, so the guy is an avowed Steelers fan.

In fact, He has even dumped on the Eagles in the past.

Call them the "Iggles" all you want, guy. We can all see through the phoniness.

It's also kind of insulting that Fetterman would think some of his possibly-future constituents are uninformed when it comes to political issues affecting their community. Why else would he burn through campaign dollars for a billboard that accuses Oz of liking America's Team?

A complete lack of any viable policies, perhaps?

No, that couldn't possibly be it...

It's been a tough campaign all around but for Fetterman, it's been brutal. He suffered a stroke earlier this year and is not in the kind of shape people would want out of their elected officials.

Also, a video resurfaced from 2013, in which Fetterman — who was mayor at the time — heard what turned out to be fireworks and pulled a shotgun on a black man who was just out for a jog.

Yeah, people sometimes forget — or willingly overlook — that one.

There are just a few weeks to go before Pennsylvanians head to the polls to make a call in one of the nastiest Senate races in the state's history.

Let's hope that most of them are paying attention even a little bit.

The choice really couldn't be any more obvious.

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