John Daly Throws Great First Pitch At Cards Game While Rockin' Sandals

Jon Daly threw out the first pitch at the St. Louis Cardinals game on Wednesday night, and he did it in typical John Daly style.

By that I mean, shorts, shades, sandals.

The attire was on point, but the pitch itself was a thing to behold.

First, John didn't even take a fraction of a second t stand on the mound and drink in the moment. Most people who throw out the first pitch like to stand their and wave to the crowd for a bit.

Not John Daly, he meant business.

Almost as soon as his foot touched the rubber he was in the stretch. No goofy, exaggerated wind up. Just straight to the point, gunning one to the plate.

And did our boy John stand there and admire his handiwork?

Hell no.

He was walking off the mound before the ball even crossed the plate.

Sure, it looked a bit high and inside, but leave it to the great John Daly to throw a little chin music for his ceremonial first pitch.

John Daly's First Pitch Saved The Day

The Cardinals beat the Nationals 6-5, which should come as no surprise. Had they lost, it would've been completely justified to bench the entire roster and start the triple-A Memphis Redbirds next game.

Thankfully, Daly was on hand because the Cardinals had two ceremonial first pitches that night (they can't both be first pitches) and it didn't go nearly as silky smooth.

Miss Missouri Clare Marie Kuebler threw one too.

Fortunately for her, Ms. Kuebler's beauty meant that cameras were focused on her and not the pitch, which based on the trajectory, landed somewhere between home plate and the Gateway Arch.

The electricity of John Daly's pitch more than made up for the lackluster toss from Ms. Missouri. LIV Golf doesn't know what they're missing by not having him on their books.

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