Joe Rogan Reveals His Perfect Plan To Survive The Apocalypse

Joe Rogan will be going down spraying bullets if the apocalypse ever happens.

The end of the world as we know it has become a fun conversation these days due to the insane success of HBO's "The Last of Us."

The series focuses on a fungus based virus destroying the world and ending civilization as we know it. If that ever happens in real life, the popular podcaster plans on being strapped.

"What do you do? I guess load up some magazines ... That's what I would do. I would probably load up some magazines," Rogan opined during a conversation with Theo Von on the topic. The comedian clearly doesn't know much about guns because he thought Rogan maybe meant grabbing some magazines to read.

"Into guns," Rogan responded with a mildly confused look when Von asked what he'd be loading the magazines into. He also speculated the apocalypse would be a good time to have a ranch or a secured/fortified area.

Is Joe Rogan's apocalypse plan a good one?

It's hard to argue with the logic that you're going to want to arm up in the event the world falls apart. That's especially true if it's a zombie apocalypse.

If the undead come to life and start killing people, it's open season. Much like "The Last of Us" and every other apocalypse show or movie, it's time to start blasting.

In the event that zombies are overrunning your position, you fire until you run out of ammo. In the event it's a "Red Dawn" type of situation, probably smarter to be a bit more selective, but either way, Joe Rogan is definitely on to something.

I've actually interviewed a ton of former Tier One operators about what to do in the event of America getting invaded like "Red Dawn."

A trio of former Delta Force commandos, aka grade-A American badasses, said the plan in the movie is pretty good. Arm up, get supplies, hold up in a relatively secluded area and then carry out guerilla style attacks.

Again, that doesn't really apply with zombies. They're not going to shoot back. Much like "The Last of Us," it's probably an automatic green light in an apocalypse like that.

What did Joe Rogan get right? What did he get wrong? Let us know your plan in the comments below.

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