Joe Exotic Plans Presidential Run, Wants To Assassinate Putin

Joe Exotic wants to find his way to the White House, and plans on running for President to get the job done.

The man famous for "Tiger King" has launched a 2024 campaign website, and told the New York Post he plans to run as a libertarian candidate.

One of his major policies? Assassinating Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin.

"We’ve taken out other people in the world. Why are we playing with this man? Are we that scared of his nuclear weapons? What’s going on Ukraine is wrong," Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Allen Maldonado, told the New York Post.

When asked directly if he was calling for Putin to be taken out, Exotic responded, "You got me right."

Joe Exotic: big fan of nuclear war because that's how that scenario ends.

Exotic is behind bars until 2035 after being convicted of a plot to try to take out Carole Baskin. He's denied the allegations, and famously wanted a pardon from Trump.

In 2020, I ran a Twitter poll on this topic, and there was overwhelming support for Trump to do it.

Joe Exotic might turn to Liz Cheney.

He didn't get the pardon and he might now turn to Trump's enemy and former congresswoman Liz Cheney to be his running mate because she "has guts."

"I mean, obviously she’s a Republican and I’m a Libertarian, so we’d have to discuss some items," he further explained.

It is worth noting that if Joe Exotic does win the 2024 election, he'll be able to pardon himself. That's one hell of a motivation to win.

Exotic became a household name after "Tiger King" blew up on Netflix right during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

People were stuck at home, and everyone seemed locked in on the mayhem and carnage brought on by Exotic and Baskin.

It was truly the definition of elite TV content. There was a war between animal rights activists and tiger rescues. You couldn't make it up if you tried.

Now, Joe Exotic might be taking his charisma and skills to the White House. Welcome to modern day America.

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