Special Operations Vet Gets Real About The Scars Of War: VIDEO

Jeremy Morton has been through a lot in life, and he joined me to break it down.

Jeremy served in a very specialized and secretive Special Operations role with a heavy focus on combat during his time in the Army. He deployed many times to different combat zones to take the fight to the terrorists after 9/11, and he now dedicates his time and life to helping veterans get better through The Special Operations Care Fund (SOC-F).

The retired Army operator spoke with me on American Joyride about his time at war, what it's like to kill bad guys as a Christian and his new mission of helping veterans who might struggle with a variety of different issues.

I found Jeremy's story incredibly moving, profound and very important. My hope is that you all feel the same after watching. As always, grab your favorite snack, smash the play button below and let me know your thoughts at David.Hookstead@outkick.com.

I certainly hope you all enjoyed hearing Jeremy's story as much as I enjoyed sharing it. We'll definitely have some individual clips on the way, and make sure to follow along at all the socials below:

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