Jenna Berman Seems To Confirm She's Done With Nick Bosa

From all indications from Jenna Berman, the dating pool transfer portal just received a 5-star Instagram model who's officially done with 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa. The Florida-based Berman fired up TikTok this week to send multiple signals that she has moved on.

Get those DMs ready, boys.

"We just will never talk again," she wrote on Instagram, while adding context in a video post. "When he gives you the silent treatment but doesn't know you can play that game 10x better. Bye forever," Berman wrote while blowing kisses.

Yeah, but what if she's not talking about Bosa? I'm not a gambling expert, but I'd have to set the line at -5000 that she's talking about Bosa.

"He will marry someone else :)," a social media troll noted.

"Good," she fired back.

And with that, there should be middle relievers making $20 million a year firing off DMs at Berman. Remember, Jenna's a physician assistant student, so she's not just some bimbo Instagram model doing nothing all day and then taking 50 photos in an hour to satisfy the Instagram algorithm. We're talking about a five-tool Instagram model here.

Bosa and Berman gained quite a bit of attention in 2020 when the two revealed, via social media videos, that they were dating and Berman went on to contend for OutKick's NFL Girlfriend of the Year award.

It was clear this summer that something was going on because Bosa wasn't appearing on Berman's social media accounts and by August OutKick was suspicious that this relationship was over.

Are you a dominant defensive end? Are you a baseball player -- Jenna used to date Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty -- who has serious DM game? This is your time to shine. Lay it all on the line, fellas.

There's still time to swoop this 5-star off her feet heading into the holidays.

Go to work.

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