January Jones Checks In Because It's January, Oregon State Blows Up Half Its Stadium & More Clay Fan Mail

It's Saturday, so I'm going to keep this short...we have a Nerf target range day

• Ken S. in North Augusta, SC saw this video and sent it along. Here's the full report from the Newberry Twp., PA Police Department:

The vehicle was stopped in the area of Old Trail Rd. / Old York Rd. around midnight and the driver was suspected of being under the influence of drugs/alcohol when the officer noticed the live animal in the back of the vehicle. The occupants told the officer they had struck the deer with the vehicle before placing it in the hatchback area.

After a short time, they had realized the deer was still alive however continued to drive with the animal in the vehicle. The officer had the passenger, a 21-year old York Haven man, release the deer from the vehicle. The 19-year-old female driver was taken into custody as part of the DUI investigation.

• Bill H. writes:

Reading Outkick is like getting multiple doses daily of Phil Mushnick columns from the NY Post; informative, humorous and insightful. Only, he can be choosy about some of his allegiances. He usually is published either on Thursday/Friday and Saturday/Sunday. He is a boomer like many are these days and has a long memory of sports people, places and events. He can be a fun read and will give deeper dives into personalities and sports/societal issues. 


As someone who has consumed Mushnick's work on and off over the last 20+ years, I like this compliment from Bill. Yes, OutKick provides you with the straight news and analysis guys who have done that kind of work for 30 years. But this is 2021 and a site that just features people rambling on about what someone watched on TV last night isn't going to work.

You guys NEED humor and for me to call out some clout-chasing OnlyFans model. I'm like a middle reliever brought in to do the dirty work when the bases are loaded in the 5th. OutKick has a guy in Indianapolis for the National Championship living the glamourous Big J lifestyle. We've had guys on the road living the glamourous NFL beat writer lifestyle. Clay and the OutKick 360 team did their football road trip.

I'm just going to stay in my lane over here and mow grass, analyze these Instagram models and smash a few Busch Lights with my neighbors.

Speaking of grass...

• Big Murph writes:

Just wanted you to know that I appreciate the effort that you put in each day!  Keep fighting the good fight.  I'm helping to spread the word in beautiful STL.  BTW - My boys bought me the TNML t-shirt for Christmas and it's now a prized possession.  I can't wait to get it out this spring!  


I love this email. The kids out there never know what dad will really appreciate for Christmas. Murph's boys probably have a history of getting him things that are used sparingly. Then 2021 rolls around and they hit the Christmas gift lottery -- Thursday Night Mowing League shirt!

I can see the smile on Big Murph's face when he opened that shirt and I don't even know Big Murph or know what Big Murph's face looks like. All I know is that Murph Dog was smiling ear-to-ear knowing he'll be wearing that tri-blend cotton shirt into bars and people will take notice.

Welcome to the club, Murph. Glad to have you as a member.

• Where do you think the $2.8 BILLION provided to Chicago Public Schools -- by the federal government in COVID aid -- ended up? The schools won't have the staffing to open yet again on Monday.

Now it's a wait-and-see to figure out when the teachers will end their Christmas break. It's so hard to believe that the teachers would want to do online teaching after getting a taste of it in 2021.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, one Chicago elementary has already told parents that the school is closed until Jan. 14 and teachers will only provide "independent work projects" and "would not distribute devices during this 8-day work stoppage."

• And now that I'm good and fired up, it's time to get down to Week 18 of the NFL. I'm thinking a big pot of chili is on the table. Cornbread. Jalapenos on the side because the wife and kids will complain. I might as well go all out and do a chili bar.

Nerf target practice, chili bar and two NFL games.

You guys have a great weekend. We'll meet up again Monday morning.

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