James Harden’s Christmas Day Outfit Costs More Than Your Car

The Philadelphia 76ers took on the New York Knicks for a Christmas Day showdown at Madison Square Garden.

But who cares about basketball in December? The real story here is James Harden’s outfit.


To quote the great Kenny Powers, “Honey I love you, but you’ve got clothes like a f*cking dickhead."

Joke’s on me, though. This entire look is a monumental flex. And I know what you’re thinking: "I must have this outfit." 

Don’t worry — I did the research so you don’t have to.

First, you’ll need the Marni Hooded Stripe Shearling Jacket. And after a quick trip to the mall, it’s yours for $6,700.

You can't rock the jacket without the matching shoes, though. That's just lazy. Another $1,050 and you’re in business, baby!

If you already have sticker shock, hold onto your pink winter hat. We haven’t gotten to the best part yet! That iconic Louis Vuitton bag covered in custom leather tulips will set you back a whopping $42,500. Before tax, of course.

James Harden’s pregame outfit officially costs more than my car.

Of course, we haven’t even taken into account the pants, the T-shirt and those gigantic gold chains. (Sorry, I couldn’t find the exact market value of those.)

But on second thought, scratch the car thing. This outfit likely costs more than my house. I’d have to take out a mortgage to look like a Muppet in a ski mask.

And I can’t decide if I’m mad or impressed.

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