Jalen Rose Gives All-Time Bad Jeopardy Answer During Truly Abysmal Performance

Jalen Rose is very, very bad at Jeopardy. He proved that to be true on Sunday night.

His performance was truly abysmal. It really couldn't have been any worse.

Rose, who was a first round NBA Draft pick in 1994, spent 14 years in the league with six different teams. Prior to turning pro, he played his college ball at the University of Michigan.

His appearance on Celebrity Jeopardy did not reflect well on the institute of higher learning in Ann Arbor. Rose didn't graduate, but a fourth year at the university may not have helped him much.

Sunday night's episode pit Rose against 'Fresh Off the Boat' actress Constance Wu and actor Ike Barinholtz, of Neighbors, The Mindy Project, and Eastbound & Down fame. He got smoked.

At one point, very early on in the game, Jalen Rose gave one of the worst Jeopardy answers of all-time.

The question, within the 'Americana' category, asked which New England state is known for chowder, old money and being the home of the television show Gilmore Girls. While chowder may lead you to believe that the answer is Massachusetts, the second two hints made it clear that it was not.

Old money is very real in Connecticut, the state in which Gilmore Girls is based.

For someone who is not familiar with the Northeast or the comedy-drama series, it wasn't the easiest question ever. All of those states run together, at least to some extent.

Had Rose said Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, or even Vermont, New Hampshire or New York, he would have at least been in the ballpark. Instead, he completely floundered.

Rose answered "New England" — which is not a state — to a question that included the phrasing "this New England state." His answer was so incredibly wrong. Take a look:

Rose's blunder was not his only of the night. He had a really rough go at it.

To Rose's credit, he did know all about Viagra.

And he took the MASSIVE loss in stride.

Now, Celebrity Jeopardy is played for charity. The winner gets a donation to his or her charity of choice. Rose finished in the negative. Does his charity owe Jeopardy money? Is that how that works?

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