Jack Black Makes Kid's Dream Come True With School Of Rock Rendition

Jack Black brought the rock to a disabled child over the weekend, and it was all caught on film.

The movie star and frontman of Tenacious D was participating in the Layla Paige and Friends Walk for TrinityKids Care, which helps raise funds for child hospice programs.

Black met a 15-year-old named Abraham who has a rare illness. As the two began talking, Black found out that he LOVES the movie "School of Rock." Abraham especially loves the part where Black belts out an impromptu rock song that he claims to have written in just 15 minutes.

Not bad for a song that came out 19 years ago!


"School of Rock" tells the story of a former guitarist that was kicked out of his band only to become a fake substitute elementary school teacher. Rather than teach the kids math and science, Jack Black teaches them about music. Eventually, the students compete for a chance to win a Battle of the Bands.

It's definitely an underrated film and I feel like those who know, know just how good it is.

As far as Jack Black, can we please show this guy more love? He's never really involved in drama and seems to just want to have fun and be a good dude. The type of person that you just want to chill and have a beer with and hear him tell stories.