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One baseball season is over, but there's still one to go

Screencaps the III's season came to an end last night in dramatic fashion. Tied 1-1 going into extra innings, the league rule of putting runners on 1st and 2nd was instituted. Screencaps the III was placed at 2nd base. With two outs, a Screencaps reader's son came up and cracked one up the middle for a double (I think that was his third double in the tournament) which scored Screencaps the III. 

There was a play at 2nd base and our fellow Screencaps reader's son was tagged out, but the one run scored. 

We go to the bottom of the inning and the boys get two outs. I'm on the edge of my seat. Then it was time to face the big boy on the other team who must eat NY strip steaks from Costco for snacks. You could see this showdown coming from a mile away. I'm talking angry. Alpha. Mini Kenny Powers. Hoss. Big for his age. Hoss wants to hit dingers. 

He works the count and gets to the coach-pitch portion of the at-bat and then it happens…he smokes one to left field, our outfielder struggles knocking it down, it gets past him and that winning run on first base comes all the way around, and it's ballgame. 

Season over. 

On the way home, I asked Screencaps the III if he wants to play next year. "Sure!" he replied. 

Then we have work to do this winter. 

I'm impressed by the Two-Club Invitational response because we're less than 30 days out, and I'm getting confirmations, which I don't require

By now, you guys know I do golf tournaments differently than every other golf tournament. 

There are two things I absolutely hate on Facebook: 

  1. Travel ball teams begging for kids to pay the $1k team fee and round out rosters
  2. Golf outings BEGGING for people to play, only to read the fine print, and it's $125 to play golf; that includes a hot dog and a Busch Light.

Screw that. 

Here I am six years into hosting a golf tournament with my co-host Anthony Bellino. We've never asked for more than $40 from participants. Let's just say I've provided customers with great entertainment value. 

Never forget the invitational trophy Mrs. Screencaps built years before Bud Light went woke

This year, I reduced the price even more. 

You guys are being HAMMERED by inflation, so I actually did something to help the consumer.

I went out, with the help of Diesel, and secured a BYOB golf course where they're not even allowed to sell you a hot dog! That's right, it's a BRING YOUR OWN HOT DOGS joint. They have a Blackstone out back where you can cook your own meat! 

They can't sell you meat, but they can provide you with the means to cook your meat as you like! 

I went out and found a beautiful 9-hole course in Michigan where you can wear tank tops. You can go shoeless (for this event…we know the owner…it helps to know people). You can play in flip-flops.  

And I don't have to beg anyone to play. How great does that feel? 

In fact, I don't give two shits if you don't show up. My good friends rarely play. DON'T CARE. You will NEVER offend me if you don't come to my golf tournament. 

That said, I've heard from Troy M. who assures me he's bringing SIX (we'll see about that). I've heard from Team Freshwater out of Dayton. They're supposed to bring at least FOUR (we'll see about that). I heard from CJ & Jack G., who made it to Put in Bay last year. They're in. 

I believe them. If they made it all the way over to Put in Bay, this one will be easy for those animals. They're the Twin Towers of the 2-club. I think each of them are 6'8. 

Team Andy G. is bringing like 10. I believe them. They've attended four straight years. 

You get the picture. The less pressure I put on people to play golf, the more likely they are to play in an outing. 

This strategy hasn't let me down yet. 

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Farewell to The Mirage, a place I had a love affair with for a few years

- Mike T. in Idaho writes: 

Seems like it opened yesterday! Vegas was fun back in the day 



Mrs. Screencaps hates Vegas, but she approved when I said we would be staying at the Mirage and seeing Love. I'll never forget the smell, the check-in fish tank, the sports book bar or the classiness of the place after slumming it at some Strip casino that's long gone. 

I'm envisioning drinking draft beer at O'Sheas and then walking back through those Mirage doors and into a different world. 

Never forget the good times. 

I also miss the original Hard Rock hotel and casino. That's where I covered the national kickball championship like a decade ago. Wild Turkey was the sponsor. I don't think I've had Wild Turkey since.  

How's it going for Bud Light?

- Mike N. reports from an Austin, TX Costco: 

Going, Going, …. (almost) Gone

I've never heard of Steak & Ale, but it's coming back 

- Dawgs fan Sam L., who spent half the year on the road, writes: 

So, when I visited the Sacramento/Roseville area, I found a Sizzler.  Brought back some good memories to eat there. Salad Bar!  Sirlion Tri-Tips!

A few months ago, I stumbled across a Big Boy, by surprise. Shared some pics - which you posted.

In that vein, I searched on other brands..... And found some news:

Steak & Ale - Burnsville, MN just opened last week!!! Steak and Ale is making it's return! OPENING JULY 8th in Burnsville, MN!!! | By Steak and Ale BurnsvilleFacebook

DO NOT GO TO PITTSBURGH when the furry convention is in town

- Guy G. in western New York reports: 

Good morning Joe! Being in a spring/fall heavy industry, I know all too well about dog days. I might as well take a nap most days around noon. That said, we did take a trip this last weekend, and thought you’d appreciate it.

Our annual trip to Pittsburgh from Buffalo happened, as the Mets were in town. PNC Park is amazing, and great for the whole crew. The little kids were able to play on some jungle gyms in the outfield concourse, wife enjoyed ICB Light, and I got great baseball Saturday. We tried to watch Livy Dunn’s boyfriend pitch Friday night, but couldn’t justify the price. Ticket prices kept going UP as the game got closer to first pitch. (Glad we didn’t. No one wants to see blow outs!)

As I’m sure everyone is aware, downtown Pittsburgh is pretty nice. Mostly clean, lots of great food options, including Alihan’s Coffee & Breakfast. Great place!

What isn’t great, or known to most, is that Pittsburg hosts Anthrocon, every July. I was unaware that this was a thing, but as soon as we pulled up to the hotel downtown, we knew we were in trouble. 15,000 furrys were in the city, stinking the whole place up, and being generally weird. You couldn’t go anywhere (except the game) without running into them. Awful! Rude, smelly….animals?...that chose not to respect personal space. We do not recommend travel there for that weekend. We were told that Pittsburgh brings in around $11million when they come to town, so this is going to continue.

Walking towards the stadium, on our way to lunch, a F150 pulled to the sidewalk, and yelled out. "I’m going to strike out a lot of Mets tonight". Bailey Falter, Saturday’s starter, decided we needed heckling on his way in. After the annoyance and frustration of animals that we dealt with, it was the highlight Mrs. G’s Saturday. Hilarious. (Not after a while, as tricep tendonitis got him in the 3rd)

Sunday, we left early, to try and get to Buffalo, for the 11:15 gate open for Savannah Bananas. Other than it being open seating, and a mess to get to seating in a minor league stadium, it was great. From 11:30, to first pitch at 1:05, they kept the kids entertained on the field. Crazy contests, lots of music, and my daughter even met Princess Potassia. Players played catch with the outfield stands, and I got heckled again, by a Firefighter, for wearing a banana-themed shirt. Super nice guy, and took a pic with the kids. We highly recommend getting to see the Banana’s play. Cheap tix, not cheap merch.

Football starts again soon, and we can forget about the slow days. Enjoy the heat while it lasts. Before we know it, there will be feet of snow in my yard.

Weekend camping photo Lopez Island in the San Juans in WA state (this report is what I've been looking for…America's hidden spots) 

- Brian F. writes: 

$12 a night to camp at this state park Spencer Spit 

.  Not a bad deal slept 5 feet away from the water…


I'm so damn proud of this community. It's reports like this one that fuel me. If you look at Lopez Island on a map, you realize how few people are camping for $12 and telling Screencaps readers about it. But now we have a report in the tank. We have readers in the PNW who can now mark this down. 

I've challenged you guys to go find your Healing Waters and the reports have been excellent. I'm incredibly thankful for each and ever email that comes in on this topic. It's helping make this one helluva summer for this column. 


Let's go get after it. Put a smile on your face and go dominate that office meeting. Go make a sale. Go dominate a Zoom meeting. Go have a great day at the city pool with the kids. 

Go have another great day of life. 

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