Intense Video Shows Insane Israeli Hostage Rescue, Gunfire Erupting Everywhere

Video has been released from the hostage rescue operation that freed four Israelis over the weekend.

The Israelis launched a massive daylight operation to free four citizens held by Hamas in Gaza, and it turned into an absolute bloodbath as the forces encountered heavy resistance on the way out.

Video released by Israel shows part of the team rescuing three of the four hostages held by the terrorist organization. The heavily-armed commandos rushed into a building to find the three hostages as nonstop gunfire could be heard erupting in all directions.

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Israel releases hostage rescue footage.

For those of you unfamiliar with how hostage rescue works, there's three things you need in order to have a great shot at success:

  • Surprise
  • Speed
  • Violence of action

The bad guys can't know you're coming, you have to be unbelievably fast once breach is made and you have to be willing to kill everyone you encounter.

There are some videos on YouTube you can find that put on display just how crazy hostage rescues can be. Not just how crazy, but how fast you need to flood the compound where they're held. One of the three pillars fails, and it could end in disaster.

Fortunately, the Israeli got the job done, despite the incredibly intense resistance the commandos faced from Hamas terrorists. Not only did the Israelis on the ground have to face heavy gunfire, but Hamas also fired RPGs as the rescue teams. Those are the same weapons that brought down two helicopters during the Battle of Mogadishu.

Now, four Israelis are back home where they belong, and a bunch of bad guys got greased in the process. You love to see it. Seriously, if you ever want to see the most impressive hostage rescue videos and CQB footage in existence, check out some of the Delta Force videos on YouTube and Reddit. It's mind-blowing just how fast top-level rescue operations go. Let me know your thoughts on this situation at

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