Is Proposing To The Deceased's Daughter At A Funeral Wrong?

Let's go to South Africa where the proposal police are lambasting a pastor after he got down on one knee at a funeral he was presiding over to ask a woman mourning the loss of her father to marry him in one of the more dramatic proposals in the history of proposals.

As you can see in the video uploaded by M.Mojela, the man goes through the routine billions and trillions of other men have gone through, but the twist here is that the daughter is there to mourn the loss of her father.

This is trigger fuel for the marriage police who already hate men as it is. Now along comes this pastor to add fuel to the simmering fire and rage inside the women who love to crush men over their choices in life.

Central News Agency reports that the pastor reached for the woman's hand "in order to help heal her broken heart" and then he gets on a knee and it's go time. The crowd erupts in gasps of shock, the ring goes on the daughter's finger, and apparently, we have an engaged couple.

The marriage proposal police say this is completely disrespectful and they claim the pastor made this all about him.

"Emotional abuse, he's disrespecting the deceased at all levels," wrote a triggered member of the marriage proposal police.

"Just for attention, no need man," said another proposal cop.

But it wasn't all negative towards the pastor.

"That's him saying u may lost ua parent but I'll be with u t get thru this🥰🥰ain't going anywhere thats love guys n his showing dt at funeral," one supporter wrote.

"Guys he wanted to do it in front of the late parent.. Nothing wrong.. If u a deeply spiritual u will understand this," wrote another.

Look, here in the United States we have this thing where men propose on beaches. It's supposed to be a big surprise yet there are hearts made out of roses spread out on the beach. The men are dressed up like they're going to give a proposal and there are photography teams there to capture the big moment. The couple goes out to a romantic dinner and then the guy lies by saying he wants to go on a romantic walk on the beach during the golden hour when the colors really pop for Instagram photos.

Then, the woman is expected to act all surprised when the guy gets down on a knee. She puts both hands up to her mouth as she gasps over the thought of being able to release this huge news on social media and she immediately starts thinking of which friend she's cutting out of the bridal party over some rift that's been in the back of her mind.

The parents pop out from behind a tree and yell "SURPRISE" as if the woman couldn't tell she was about to be proposed to. The future mothers-in-law go through a ritual in their heads where they start marking down holiday weekends on the calendar with their eventual grandbabies while the fathers-in-law twiddle their thumbs thinking about when they can go back to the hotel beach bar to crush double vodka lemonades.

This pastor flat-out hit this woman with a proposal she wasn't expecting and she'll never forget. That's big in the proposal business and it's unique. Top that one, prospective husbands.

Is it odd?

Yes, because you've seen 10,000 beach proposals that your frat brothers and sorority sisters have gone through on a beach. IT'S THE SAME DAMN PROPOSAL!

It was beyond time for someone to shake up the proposal biz and this pastor clearly just changed the game.

Dad might be gone, but his memory will live on via the proposal that went viral on TikTok. The happy couple will #neverforget.

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