Is Instagram Star Jenna Berman A Free Agent? It Appears She's Done With Nick Bosa

After a very long career studying the dating habits of athletes and Instagram models, it is becoming more apparent by the day that 2021 breakout couple Jenna Berman and 49ers stud defensive end Nick Bosa have hit a rough patch and there's a very good chance Jenna is on the free agent market.

Berman, a physician assistant student who made headlines in 2021 when the lib libs went after her for old tweets, sent Bosa off to camp in 2021 with a big send-off. This year? Silence.

TikTok? Silence.

But, sharp social media observers have noticed an uptick in Berman's Instagram thirst trap offerings over the last couple of weeks. We're talking smoke signals. We're talking popping up on the radar like Boeing Triple Sevens.

What does this mean in the grand scheme of things within the athlete hemisphere? It's time to dive into those DMs, fellas. At least put a feeler out like Deebo Samuel allegedly did with Jake Paul's girlfriend Julia Rose.

Don't be shy. Berman is no stranger to the athlete dating world. She burst onto the social media scene years ago via a relationship with Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty. That was followed by a historic Instagram run that quieted down once the Bosa relationship fired up.

And before you think this is just another Instagram model looking for a free ride on an athlete's American Express card, keep in mind that Berman has an actual medical career developing as we speak. Plus, her dad is a big-time investment guy who knows a thing or two about money.

That's what makes Jenna a huge five-star talent on the free agent market.

Get in there, fellas. Shoot your shots.

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