Irina Dreyt & Natalie Lee Invade The Maldives, Browns Fans Modify Odell Jerseys & Eagles Fan Cooks Meatballs Via Acura Battery

The Bengals took a dump on the turf at Paul Brown Stadium while I was picking up a huge dump on my driveway

Looking back at the weekend, I'm so glad I channeled Indy Daryl and called up a guy to deliver a cord of firewood on Sunday morning because it gave me something to do while my Bengals were in the process of being destroyed by the Browns. Something told me to take advantage of the perfect blue skies, nice temperatures and refuse to go into the basement to sit to watch the game.

Even though my body feels like it was run over by a truck, I'm so happy to have stacked a full cord, plus some bonus wood the loader threw into the truck. The whole time it felt like Indy Daryl was over my shoulder shouting 'DOOOOOOO HARDDDDD THINGS!'

Meanwhile, I could hear Jim Nantz and Tony Romo on the garage TV keeping me abreast of the latest disaster out of the Bengals who are now down to a 41% probability of making the playoffs, which is a tie with the Browns.

If the Bengals don't make the playoffs (3rd hardest remaining schedule) and January ends up brutally cold, I'll be able to look back on this weekend and know that I made the right decision stacking wood and wrecking my shoulders.

• I was able to sit down and watch the first half of the Titans-Rams where Matthew Stafford pretended to play for the Lions and the Titans acted like they were the '85 Bears. On November 8, Clay's Titans have a full-game lead for the No. 1 seed in the AFC and a 31% probability of making the Super Bowl right back at SoFi Stadium.

Why should Titans fans start planning on having a first-round bye? Tennessee still has the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL. There are still two games against the Texans, and games against the Dolphins, Jags and 49ers to go. Clay can go ahead and make January plans. His team is hosting a playoff game.

• Don't look now, but with Sunday's win over the Saints, the Atlanta Falcons are right there in the hunt for the seventh seed in the NFC playoffs. The schedule still includes the Lions, Jags, 49ers and one more against Carolina.

Who would've thought that the NFC South might have three teams in the playoffs?

• Let's move along to quick thoughts on college football:

My Ohio State Buckeyes will not make it through the next three weeks if they keep asking C.J. Stroud to throw the ball 54 times like he did at Nebraska. That's a disaster waiting to happen, especially as the weather becomes an issue.

I have to believe there are businesses out there who want their NIL money back after the season Florida has turned in. The Gators just lost 40-17 to South Carolina and then fired the defensive coordinator.

Staying in Florida, think about how sad the Swamp will be on Nov. 27 as Florida State rolls into town.

It's odd to see Alabama so beatable this season and still be No. 2 in the CFB playoff. Let this sink in: Bama had SIX rushing yards against LSU. Let me say that again: Bama had SIX total rushing yards against LSU.

There are 82 bowl spots available this season and we're officially up to 49 teams with eligibility. Arkansas fans have to be jacked up this morning. The Razorbacks are finally bowl eligible for the first time since 2016. Congrats.

• Jason D. was in my hometown this weekend and sent a full report:

Taking the boys to Golden Gate Park after visiting my parents and stopped at a coffee shop in Brookville I didn't know was there. They're rooting hard for Brandon around here. Hope you got your Saturday list knocked out!

• Speaking of dumps, Beau in Toledo has some thoughts on that subject:

No toilet for returning SpaceX crew, stuck using diapers (

Yeah, I'm not sure I'd want to be the one to open the door and greet the returning Astronauts for this particular trip. 

• Chris B. enjoyed Saturday's Screencaps where a reader walked me through building an outdoor hockey rink:

Are we still doing "worst big-ticket items?"

‘Cuz my first wife would like a word.

Also, I loved the hockey-rink guy saying “Life is great offline.” We need to remember that.

• And with that, it's time to get Monday rolling along. It's going to be 70 beautiful degrees today here in NW and dark at 5:30. That means I need to get to work busting out blog posts and try to get outside for at least an hour to suck down some of this glorious weather.

Have a great week.


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