Internet Is Convinced Massive Aliens Took Over A Miami Mall

Did aliens invade a mall in Miami, Florida?

That's the hot new rumor on the internet as of Friday morning, and people aren't just speculating. Many people are downright convinced.

I fired up my computer this morning as always in order to grind out content for all the loyal OutKick readers. Someone has to jump in the trench and do it, and you never know what you might find.

That's why I was shocked when I saw several topics trending on X related to an alleged alien invasion at a Miami mall.

Did aliens invade a Miami shopping center or is there a simpler explanation?

It all stems from videos showing a massive police presence at Bayside Marketplace. Four minors were arrested Monday night after allegedly setting off fireworks in the mall and sparking a massive panic, according to NBC Miami. A person in the area believed a mass shooting was unfolding and that resulted in a huge police response, according to the same report.

Well, people on X aren't buying it and believe a cover up is underway to hide the fact aliens as large as 10 feet tall were engaged in a shootout.

In fact, people are so convinced that "aliens" remains a top trending term on X several days after the arrests were made.

Check out some of the reactions below, and send me your thoughts at

Aliens In Miami Or Not

Let's put on our common sense hat for a moment and think about this. What do we think is more likely:

Which option seems more likely to you? It's option one, but I will admit option two is certainly a lot more fun.

What are the rules of engagement if you see an alien? There's obviously different rules of engagement depending on the state you're in when it comes to self-defense against a human, but what about an alien? As far as I know, no state has rules for shooting aliens.

If it's me and I see a 10-foot tall alien, it's an automatic green light. I'm taking absolutely no chances. Grab a rifle, hit the safety switch to fun mode and get after it. I've seen enough movies to know aliens aren't coming here with good intentions. If it's humans or the aliens, we're fighting to save humans.

Of course, that's not likely what happened here (it absolutely wasn't aliens), but it's fun to imagine. What would you do if you saw a huge alien? Let me know at! In the meantime, continue to enjoy the wild reactions on X!

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