Internet Comedian Druski Leaves SEC Referee In Shambles By Asking If He Is Gambling On The Game, Chirping Him From The Sideline

Auburn football had a special guest on the sideline during Saturday's loss to LSU, and he wanted to know if it was rigged. Druski, who is best described as an internet comedian, made sure the officials were honest.

If you are unfamiliar with Druski's work, he is a big deal. The 28-year-old has nearly four million followers on TikTok, and nearly five million on Instagram. His skits and standup comedy are absolutely hilarious, and the viral fame has allowed him to collaborate with rappers like Jack Harlow, Drake, and many others.

On Saturday, he decided to swing over to Alabama and check out Jordan-Hare Stadium. Although his connection to the Auburn program is unclear, he knows someone within the program because he was on the sideline with pretty much unfettered access. Or, at the very least, his name got him in.

Fans, players and coaches were chopping it up with Druski throughout the entire evening.

Whatever it was that led him to The Plains, it made for a hilarious moment during the game.

Druski kept the Southeastern Conference referees honest. Specifically, the field judge.

In a video posted to his social media, Druski can be seen getting up close and personal with the official. He is, somehow, practically on the field, and begins his interrogation.

"Hey be real," Druski says to the field judge. "How much you got on that parlay?"

The referee can't help but chuckle as Druski doubles down and asks again.

"Hey I know you got something on it!"

The field judge even responded back to the full-court press from the comedian. He could not wipe the smile off of his face as Druski's booming laugh left them both in shambles.

Take a look at the hilarious exchange between Druski and the SEC official:

The entire exchange was hilarious, but the fact that the official had to do his actual job and signal the play dead as he was getting chirped is truly incredible. Druski never misses, but why was he on the sideline?!