Instagram's Katie Williams Is Bringing Her Star Power To The World Series

Game 5 of the World Series tonight between the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies is getting a huge dose of star power. That's because the next great Instagram model Katie Williams will be in attendance for the pivotal game.

She made the announcement that she was headed out to Philadelphia fo Game 5 on her Instagram Story last night. Along with the announcement she share a couple of items she's packing for the trip.

Katie's bringing some shades, a disposable camera, and what I assume is some sort of Budweiser tube top. She followed up her story from last night with one of her catching her flight this morning.

For those of you who are unaware, Katie isn't just your average selfie-taking algorithm feeding model headed out to attend a game for the fun of it. She's a fan who regularly attends both baseball and football games.

In fact, the World Series isn't even her first major sporting event. She's been to a couple of Super Bowls as well. So anyone hoping she's attending Game 5 to flash the cameras or go streaking will probably disappointed.

Katie Williams Bringing Out The Big Guns

I can tell you the fans in Philly won't be disappointed. Much like she did when she attended the Super Bowl, if that red piece of Budweiser fabric is in fact her top, she plans to bring out the big guns for Game 5.

From the research I've been doing, it's a difficult job but someone has to do it, Katie's a 49ers fan. While it's less clear who her baseball team is, it's safe to assume she's a Giants fan.

It's also safe to assume, that going with the color red and a Phillies hat making an appearance in one of her Instagram pics, that she'll be rooting for the home team tonight.