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Screencaps readers on tats

• Jake H., a bank executive VP, writes:

How ya doing! Thanks for hooking me up w/ Indy Daryl!

I would thoroughly enjoy your inbox today! I can’t wait to see everyone’s responses about tattoos. I didn’t get my first tattoo until this past winter (at the ripe age of 39) and doing so opened my eyes to a better understanding of how impressive this art form really can be (and how shoddy of work can also be done, as with all art).

Mine was 20 hours, over 3 total sessions, took me 3 months to get through, and cost about $3,500 w/ tips (Hey! I tipped her (@leeluart) really, really well every session). It hurt like hell the entire time and only got progressively worse with each session, but I didn’t quit, so for me, this was totally an example of “Do Hard Things”.

I won’t say every tattoo has a story, but mine does and has significant meaning to the stages of my life up to this point, but the biggest one was reconnecting with my old high school best friend after a 15-year hiatus and having the opportunity to continue to build that relationship now that we’re middle-aged men. Grabbing my popcorn now, we’re in for a wild next few days!

• Paul Q. writes:

If a dude wants to get all inked up, have at it amigo.  But tats on a female are an absolute turn-off for me.  It’s like spraying a fine work of art with graffiti.  The female body does not need ink!

Love Screencaps, keep up the good work!  If the Bengals offense isn’t unleashed this week it will be time to start the ‘fire Zac Taylor’ website.  I fear they’re going to look back at the end of the season and regret pi$$ing away these early winnable games.

• Chris in Nebraska writes:

So, my thought with tat placement is the same as my take on chicks that smoke cigarettes.  If she's willing to get a crotch tat/smoke she's proven that she's willing to make some questionable decisions which is all good by me.  As always, if she's willing to put a cigarette in her mouth, imagine what else she'd be willing to put in there.

• John L. writes:

Joe, what an awesome topic!!!  I'm sure you will have responses for weeks.

I am fat-free, too, and I 100% agree with your sentiments.  You are so right about the tatted-up shitholes without a penny in their pockets.

Maybe this trend has been inspired by all the pro athletes with their skin art?

We love ya.

• Greg N. writes:

I’ve been a long time reader of screencaps but this is the first time I’ve decided to respond on a topic. As someone who is heavily tattooed (2 full sleeves, ink on both sides of ribs, and a chest tattoo) I am very passionate about tattoos. Having said that, I don’t understand the appeal of head, face and neck tattoos. That must hurt like hell.

Also on the topic of inspirational sayings or passages as tattoos, I don’t understand that either. If you’re tattooing a paragraph on you, you are doing it wrong. First it’s hard to read and secondly an artist is going to get no enjoyment out of tracing words on you with just black ink. There’s no room for creativity there.

That’s my 2 cents and I’ll stop myself from going down the tattoo etiquette rabbit hole.

Have a good one

• Jon F. in NW Ohio:

There’s a reason I got one at 18. And there’s a reason I only have one at 40.

Bill in Chicago is worried some scumbag will attempt to pull a heist on Mike T. in Idaho

• Bill writes:

Bill in Chicago again.  After reading the last couple of days worth of SCaps columns I am troubled by the prospect of Mike T's house getting broken into during their very public long travel trips away from home.  I first thought of this risk last year when you posted so many of the T's travel photos from Mexico.  Criminals are known to monitor social media posts and target houses they know will be empty.  LEO have consistently said, "do not publicize your travel plans online."

Surely you've discussed this lack of operational security with Mike T?  Even if he has a top-of-the-line alarm system his house is still at risk during a publicized extended absence like that.

Listen, Mike T. is a Great American. I don't get into operational strategy with Mike T. in Idaho, but I have to believe the Ts have taken security measures while they're in Europe for six months.

Mike T. doesn't come off as the type of guy who leaves home for six months without precautionary measures. Plus, let's remember that this whole traveling for multiple months straight isn't anything new for the Ts. I have to believe Mike has trip wires running all around the property for any scumbags that would like to test him. Is it even illegal to set landmines around your house in Idaho?

Don't even think about it, tatted-up methhead scumbags.

Speaking of Mike T. & Cindy T., let's check in with them to see the latest

Wednesday, I emailed Mike T. to get an idea of what a night in a VRBO in La Morra, Italy goes for these days. The Ts are spending $120 a night for a 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and "that's for a week stay which is discounted."

Mike calls it a "really nice place," which is high praise because the Ts aren't exactly into slumming it at their retirement ages.

I'm telling you guys, Mike & Cindy are more than willing to answer travel questions. Fire away. And make sure to visit their travel blog for details on the trip.

Dave M. has cheerleader content for 'Iggles' fans as NFL trash talk heats up

• Dave writes:

Hey Abner, big Iggles fan here too. Here are a couple of our hotties for ya. Thanks Jeffrey Lurie!! You’re welcome!!

Here's some NFL history I'd never heard before. The Eagles actually had male cheerleaders back in the early 1980s. Kyle is the first Eagles male cheerleader since 1984.

It takes some massive balls to make it through a 1984 season as an Eagles male cheerleader at the Vet, especially when the team was on its way to a 6-9-1 season and drunken longshoremen just want to see 20-somethings shaking away on the Jumbotron.

Screencaps pilot Danny W. is in the sky again and this time he's over Colorado

• Danny writes (maybe from the cockpit):

This is just east of Durango Colorado. The Aspens appear to have peaked in the central Rockies, but down here on the southern border of Colorado, they appear to be just at the peak or slightly before.

The pictures never really do capture the colors that one sees in person.

Danny also wants you to know he's taking city requests. Also, Danny seems like the kind of pilot who's willing to answer questions you might have about modern commercial flight. Fire away.

Advice for Knoxville first-timers who are making the trip this weekend

• Bryan S. writes:

First time, long time here.

I’m a UT alum.  There is so much to do on game day.  

I that 24 hours they need to go to Gus’s GoodTimes Deli.  It’s right off campus.  Famous for being Peyton’s favorite spot.

Get the chili burger and the seasoned fries. 

Maybe add a nice 40oz on the side.

The place is great and every Vol swears by it.

Babe bracket

• Bill H. writes:

You brought it up, so I'll relate an old bit that you might update to fit the Screen Caps gazers. When they were on the air, Little Rock DJs, The Outlaw - Tommy Smith and sidekick, Big Dave (Medford) perfected "the Babe Bracket" that was centered around March Madness. 

They would have listeners call in lady celebrity nominees from film, music, sports, food, local TV, etc... As a category, like acting, came up, there would be something like 8 candidates. Tommy and Big Dave would take callers' votes for their fave during the show and the babe that won the the most votes by show's end would be set for that category. Then on to the next category and next until all bracket categories were set. Eventually, all of the voting came down to a Final 4 and, then, a national champion was crowned.


As long Screencaps has been around now, a Babe Bracket of sorts could also be done from many of the regulars that you present here. There is plenty of time to set it up and you can tweak it to your liking.

T-shirt ideas - 

With a rebel yell, she cried, MOW, MOW, MOW!

How MOW can you go?

Go 'til you can't go no mow

You can't spell 'Stripes' without M-O-W

Stay Sharp

Here we go again...remember, the only people who care about the bees are the lib libs

• John L. writes:

Look out!  They're coming for us.  Long live the TNML!

I'd like to invite Lauren over to my yard to visit with the damn bees. Have at it girlfriend.

And with that, I'm good and fired up for a Thursday. There are a million different sports on tonight from baseball, to hockey, to the NFL, college football, and college basketball is probably on if you look hard enough for it.

Let's have a great day across this incredible country where the lib lib Save the Bee types have it better than any other place in the world.

Take care.


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