Instagram Star Alejandra Tijerina Supports Team Mexico, John Daly's Thanksgiving Dinner & Brawlin' At The Egg Bowl

Good morning to those who are on the couches and recliners in recovery mode

I don't have much to report. The food was good. The football was pretty good. I was able to go into the attic and get the Christmas stuff down without any problems besides the outside wreath not turning on and the dishes are done. That's a solid Thanksgiving.

Now it's back to work. Let's not forget that Screencaps has now been going seven days a week since just before Labor Day weekend. Black Friday isn't the time to take a shortcut in life. There are too many of you out there who have nothing going on today and you're more than willing to click on a fresh new edition of Screencaps.

So let's dive in and see what America has on its mind this morning.

• First up is Andrew R., a Michigan fan who made sure to let me know that in his email. He's also Beau in Toledo's brother. These two must've fought like crazy when they were younger.

Andrew writes from Youngstown, OH:

Hope you and the family are well and enjoying Thanksgiving!!   

Beau from Toledo, my brother, came to town with Mom for the holiday, and helped get the turkeys ready for the Spit (pics attached).

Make a bunch of small cuts into the meat of the turkey, in all sections of the turkey, and insert garlic cloves into the holes. Season the outside with garlic powder and Lawrys seasoned salt. 

Get your coals hot, spread the coals into an oval, insert the spitrod into the motor & away you go. Baste the outside every half hour or so starting around hour 2, with melted butter & garlic, and they're done in 4.5 to 5 hours.

These turkeys are by far the best we've ever had, and will beat out any turkey ever cooked inside an oven, guaranteed.

• Beau in Toledo sent in his very own report from the turkey spit:

Hey Joe!

Hope You and The Family had a Great Thanksgiving Day!

This email HAILS from Poland... Ohio!

(FTR, the pumpkin pie from Schmucker's Restaurant ( in Toledo was well received in the Italian side of the Orange Barrel State)

First and Foremost, if allowed, I'd like the opportunity to say that no matter how the previous day went, Good, Bad, or Indifferent, I Am Thankful that The Good Lord let me wake up the next day to experience and take on that challenge all over again.

"Give Thanks in all circumstances..."

I've been told that Line was written in a certain Book a looooooong time ago.

Also... Thank YOU, Joe Kinsey

Everyone else in ScreenCap Nation Has Already explaIned why... May Your Beer stay CoLd, Sir!

All That being said, here's a possible project for next year... these pics were taken from a backyard in Cambell, Ohio, where I am Thankful to have spent Thanksgiving with my Mom and  Brother and His In-Laws.  The Pit may seem too large for two 20+lb Birds, but know that it was mostly built for two lambs... that are typically WALKED into the backyard. 

The pic of me knuckle-deep in one of the Birds was of a cHunk of garlic being shoved in, A must-do for pretty much anythIng over CoLls.  Yes, there were Jeffrey Dahmer jokes made, based solely on how much garlic we went through.  There was no need for fork-fights over the slices of turkey that still had nuggets of garlic embedded in them, as they were aplenty.

The rest of the pics are pretty much self explanatory... finding a SHoup voting mAchine electric drIve gearbox to hook up to an old washing machine agitator motor is on Y'AlL...

Yes, tHis emAil Is Late because I ate too much and can't sleep.

Be Safe in Your Travels!

Beau in Toledo, via Poland, Ohio


As always, that post WAS NOT edited because that is the No. 1 rule around here. If I catch an editor touching Beau's emails I will ban them forever from touching Screencaps.

Ohio State 44 Michigan 27

I'll say JJ McCarthy shows off his 5-star arm for a couple of long touchdowns, but there will be a couple of interceptions and they'll be turned into points.

By the way, I'm being told my seat is in the Michigan section. I'll be rooting for 50 points. No mercy.

• Paul B. sent in his very own report:

Smoke em if you got em!  

• Indy Daryl reports:

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and your family are enjoying the festivities. It has been a wonderful day, starting with a good trail run and finishing with supper at my in laws. We have been so blessed to have my MIL here with us for so long (stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis in 2020 and breast cancer to boot) so we are cherishing every moment with her.

Even though we come over every Sunday for dinner, Thanksgiving meal today and Christmas decorating tomorrow are a must!!

Curious, when offered a job how do you counter well? Not only am I curious of your negotiations with Outkick, but wondering if the community can help!! Any and all insight is most appreciated.


Woah, Indy Daryl...I can't just throw out personal contract negotiation tactics, especially on Black Friday when I'm still tired from turkey and climbing into the attic.

In general, I like to think that you should have some firepower with you going into a counteroffer situation: current inflation numbers, cost of living statistics, industry comparables, and any other financial data you can throw out.

I'm definitely not a savant in this field. I've had some successes and I've had some contract moments I'd like to have back --- not at OutKick! Don't go causing drama, Indy Daryl!

I've had contract equity success. I've had contract equity disaster.

I have a nice recliner in the basement. I drive cheap cars because I've worked at home since 2011. I go on nice vacations to quiet places and treat myself to good beer from time to time when I run out of Busch Light. My house isn't in the newest subdivision with Teslas in the driveways.

The key to all of this is that I'm happy.

Do your best to negotiate happiness for your life. And then give 100% effort to prove that you deserve more happiness in the next contract.

Outdoor cooking

One of my all-time favorite Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan sites, Joe Bucs Fan, sent in this outdoor cooking setup video.

I'd have to dig into my emails, but without looking I'd say JBF has been sending emails for at least 12 years. It's always nice to hear from the old-school Internet guys of which there are very few left. When I first started on the Internet, Google email lists were the only form of communication between websites.

Now here we are all these years later and Screencaps is a reflection of those early days. Thanks to JBF for checking in.

Now the Ts are just showing off

• Mike T. in Idaho reports from Ronda, Spain:

Patio life

That's it. I gotta get moving because there are meetings and Screencaps has to be done for tomorrow morning when I'm on the road to Columbus. There's no time to rest and shop. Plus, I have lights that need hung on a mid-50s day in late November.

Have a great day. Enjoy all that college football. And a nap.


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