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Emails like this one keep me fueled especially as summer nears and I can feel myself preparing to relax on the patio until football season

This might be my favorite email of 2023 -- so far.

• Ms. Jelly Roll from PA writes:

Screencaps wife here, writing in on the peak of my husband and my 1-year wedding Anniversary. He and I got married last Memorial Day Weekend (yes we were that couple that had a holiday wedding). Our wedding was on a Friday which meant our rehearsal dinner was on a Thursday. That’s right, a Thursday evening in May.

As I was running around gathering last-minute items to leave for the rehearsal, my now husband was still outside mowing the lawn just a half hour before it was time to leave (it was my lawn he was mowing since technically he didn’t move in until we tied the knot, while I appreciate him cutting my grass, we both know he was doing it for himself, not me.)

Now there are some things I know in life, Joe, and one is NOT to interfere with league night.. but if there is ever an exception, is it not your wedding rehearsal?

Apparently, the answer is “No.” I ever so calmly asked him to come inside and shower or we would be late to which he responded, “what did you expect when you scheduled a wedding on a Friday in MAY?” Hard to believe that was a year ago. Can’t say much has changed since then.

As I was reflecting on our first year of marriage, I can’t help but feel extremely thankful that my husband found screencaps a few years ago. I don’t believe there was a single day in the last year that Screencaps wasn’t brought up in one form or another.

You see, my husband’s not easily impressed. He’s young but he has an old soul. Seems like every day the list of things he genuinely enjoys gets shorter and shorter thanks to our millennial peers and everything turning woke. I often think he was born in the wrong era. There’s really only one place he feels like he fits in.. Screen Caps Nation.

At this point, Beau from Toledo feels like a friend, the way I get updates on his life. We will start to try for a family fairly soon and while we have no idea how to raise kids, there are two things for certain:

1.      They won’t be travel ball hardos

2.      Our family motto, thanks to Indy Daryl, will be “Do hard things”

They say the 1st wedding anniversary gift is paper. Well, my husband is a simple man and really doesn’t like when I spend money on him (or in general) so even though this is online, I’m hoping it counts as paper.

I can almost guarantee he did not get me an anniversary gift anyways. Don’t worry we did spend a decent stack of paper on an anniversary trip to the free state of Florida. Thanks for all you have done to create an entertaining atmosphere for people of all ages and walks of life.


I'm not going to lie, last week around here wasn't the easiest. Between my son spending time in the hospital, tech issues and some content changes, it was one of those weeks I'd like to forget. It was a drag. There haven't been many weeks like that in the past three years at OutKick.

Then Erin stops by with an email loaded with Screencaps inspirational quotes left and right and I'm jacked up right now thinking of all those readers who are just trying to get their fix from a column that speaks to them.

That's a high honor.

This email is a reminder of how I somehow made it to the point where I have a dream job and I can't ever lose perspective on that. Now, that said, you damn well better believe when June 7 comes around and I'm Up North® in the woods with my buddies golfing, I won't miss sitting in front of a computer.

Congratulations to Ms. Jelly Roll and her husband. May you have many more happy anniversaries and one day meet Beau in Toledo at a Screencaps convention.

More content like the National Restaurant Association Show, please

• Jonathan D. writes:

Can we get more content like your report on the NRA show in morning screencaps. I love watching "How it's made" on the science channel and stuff like the NRA show is a fascinating insight into industries that I have no clue on the inner workings of.

Perhaps we have some screencappers who are going to be attending non-public trade shows soon and could give reports? I would love to see  the new and upcoming products for the construction industry for example. Keep up the good work, look forward to screencaps every morning. 


I appreciate the kind words about my quick trip to Chicago. I'm like Jonathan, I love an insider look at emerging products, so if you're a trade show guy, go ahead and show us what's new in your world. This community is loaded with people doing all sorts of insane stuff for work.

BTW, where's the reader who travels the world buying exotic wood? Remember when he went to Africa and showed us the buying process at remote jungle processing centers? That's the content I'm looking for. And I'm always up for content from our airline pilots flying around the world.

Testing the LinkedIn bots

• Brian L. writes:

We might have a keeper here on my LinkedIn profile.

You can feel it in the air...patio season IS BACK across the United States

• Adam J. in Marion, IA writes:

Missed TNML moving our oldest back from college (UW Platteville Pioneers baby!!!) but got er done on a Sunday even after, sorry to say this, but travel baseball (got smoked).  Rainbow Trout Lattes in hand and fire pit stoked.  Yacht Rock keeping the chill vibes going.  Life ain’t bad in Iowa.   


I need to go back through the emails where you guys recommended Bluetooth outdoor rock speakers to push the sweet sounds of Yacht Rock. It's time to advance the outdoor listening experience.

Screencaps mailbag

• Ryan Z. writes:                      

Just curious why you think it is that Major League Baseball basically allows players to leave the benches during an on-the-field brawl between teams, yet no other major sport does?  


Baseball tradition? I assume that's why. It's how it's always been done. Unwritten rules.

This morning, I just watched chest-puffing during the Dodgers-Braves game where Ozuna's bat follow thru clocked the catcher and he took exception. The bullpens come onto the field, the relievers start puffing out their chests acting like they're about to kick some ass with their throwing hands that are worth tens of millions of dollars and then everyone snaps out of it knowing full well they weren't about to risk their livelihood in a baseball fight.

It's so stupid.

Fix my Instagram photos on Screencaps, bro! Make Screencaps Instagram Embeds on iOS Great Again

• Kevin J. writes:

On Brave, they typically work on my Android but not on my Windows PC, but if I open SC in a private window (aka incognito mode) they almost always load.

• Warren M. writes:

Thanks for everything that you do! I noticed that, even when I have background refresh off, Apple still seems to refresh certain apps, including Safari on my iPhone. And it seems to not allow Instagram images to load. When the problem first arose months ago, I just opened up Firefox on my iPhone, and all the images load perfectly. If by chance, I have to put my phone down before I finish reading, Apple does seem to want to refresh the browser. I just deal with it. But the images from Instagram load without a problem in Firefox for iPhone.

Mt. Shasta Now vs. Last Year

• Jason in Far Nor Cal headed into the mountains over the weekend and came back with a snowpack report:


Same May weekend 2022:

Toro testing grounds in Minnesota

• Eric "from the socialist state of Minnesota" writes:

Joe-  Don't judge, but I live in a townhouse and we have a service that does our lawn.  I grew up "Old School" in North Dakota and have mowed enough to last several lifetimes, so I appreciate and respect a well groomed lawn and good stripes.   In this vein, I thought you'd like this:  

This morning I met some friends and we played a golf course just outside of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area in a relatively rural area  (I've played it several times).  As I looked over the fence to the adjoining property, I was reminded that when I played the course last year, a friend informed me that the beautiful lawn was the "Toro Golf Division Test Site" (Toro- corporate headquarters in Bloomington, MN).   

Yes, they have a test location!  

See attached photos for some lawn stripes on a grand scale and done by professionals!  

Love the column, keep up the great work and best wishes to you and the entire Kinsey clan (especially your son for a speedy recovery)! 

I've golfed, now it's off to do some "hard things" this afternoon.

That's it for today. Blower recommendations are still on the agenda. There are emails that piled up over the weekend that I need to get to and we need to tie up all loose ends by Friday Screencaps because so many of you will be hitting the road and ignoring your phones (I hope) over the holiday weekend.

Let's have a great day across this incredible place we get to call home. Hopefully, we had some fun this morning.

Take care.


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