Instagram Model Who Claims She Had Sexual Relations With Devin Booker, Six Other Phoenix Suns, Is Pregnant

OK, which one of you did it this time?

An Instagram model named Ayyejae who, in 2020, made bold claims of fueling a 2020 Covid-year Phoenix Suns playoff run via oral sex with Devin Booker and six of his teammates, is now pregnant and gossip hounds want to know if an NBA power forward didn't wrap up.

Ayyejae, who also goes by Aliza, 'sheagreekfreak' and who knows what other names, has been glowing in recent Instagram photos showing off a baby bump, which has sparked baby daddy rumors based on the 2020 claims of being passed around by the Suns.

Life comes at you fast, Instagram models.

One minute you're admitting to performing oral sex on half of the Suns roster and the next minute you're picking out baby names that will stand the test of time on social media.

"The worst year of my life ended with the biggest blessing & the answer to all my prayers. This Babygirl saved my life in so many ways & I can’t thank god enough for sending her to me. My life will forever be changed & I can’t wait to dedicate my life to raising this beautiful angel 👼 💕 my earth angel," Aliza wrote on Instagram.

It's quite a change of pace compared to what she told the "No Jumper" podcast two years earlier about the time she ran into the Suns in Vegas.

"On my birthday, my birthday is Memorial Day weekend and I seen them all at Drai’s (Vegas nightclub) like this one team...and I was getting f--ked in a hotel room and they all pulled up and I sucked their d--k," Aliza said at the time.

The whole team she was asked.

"Seven," she fired back.

Ayyejae, Aliza or whatever you want to call her did add that she didn't "f--k any of them" which makes her a little more wholesome, but was quick to clarify that she was in the middle of having sex with "someone who works with the team."

Is this a positive memory?

"Yeah, I don't care. It was lit," Ayyejae/Aliza told the podcast host.

But it was also in that interview when Aliza says she would never date an athlete because "they all cheat."

"I just want the d--k," she noted.

And now the Internet gossip hounds are on the prowl over this pregnancy news. The future baby mama isn't saying who daddy is and the gossip mongers believe some power forward didn't wrap up and now he's on the hook for 18 years.

Congrats to all involved. Here's to hoping Aliza gets paid or secures a bag as they say on the streets.

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