Instagram Model Uses Father's Casket For Photo Op

Instagram model Jayne Rivera is our bozo of the week as she attended a funeral service of her late father and proceeded to make it about her. Check out her photoshoot that reached Derek Zoolander levels of narcissism.

George Bush said no child left behind. Perhaps we should've left this one?

If you're wondering how something like this could happen, don't bother. Our youth cares more about perception on social media than they do face to face relationships that molded them. It's clear here that Rivera had every intention to get off another "cute" series of photos while making her father's passing a side note.

"Butterfly fly away rip papi you were my best friend. A life well lived," Rivera's Instagram post said. The post is so tone deaf that it makes you wonder if she left hashtag "ptsd" because her father suffered through it or was she letting us know she's a trooper for having to endure this tragedy?

Nothing proves you're obsessed with yourself like preparing to bury a parent and blocking their casket from the photograph completely. Could probably get away with an argument that she shouldn't be in the frame whatsoever, but how would she get her 12,000 likes without a shoulder-less top, right? What a mess.

Since her entire identity revolves around social interaction of complete strangers, her account has since been deleted. No worries as she'll be back strong as ever in a few days after receiving the attention she craves.

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