Instagram Model Natalie Gauvreau Was The Lady Behind The Stars Bench

It's that time of the year when Instagram models like Natalie Gauvreau can make a name for themselves via seats behind the bench in the NHL playoffs. Any bench. It doesn't matter if the team is down 3-0 in Best of 7 series, if you're an Instagram model this time of year is when you want the most strategic seats in sports.

There are marketing strategies and then there's Natalie Gauvreau dumping out the boobs behind Stars head coach Rick Bowness as the poor guy tried to coach his team while tied up 1-1 in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

It works and when something as simple as this works, you keep riding it.

This isn't SexyNatG's first rodeo with the seats behind the Stars bench. She has been spotted rooting on the boys during previous years.

The Toronto native who now calls Dallas home has built a content empire that includes her own personal site where fans can do the OnlyFans photo thing or they can even leave tips for Nat G.

Do you want to pay Nat to talk hockey with you? I'm sure she's game. This woman has been to more NHL playoff games than many blue checkmarks -- and she's had a much better seat.

And here's the cherry on top -- @SexyNatG dabbles in the OutKick world.

It's probably time for me to slide into the DMs to get a Game 4 preview. The Calgary-Dallas series continues later tonight at 9:30 ET on TBS.

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