Instagram Model Katharina Mazepa Sucked Down One White Claw & Now She's Hooked On The NFL

Austrian Instagram model Katharina Mazepa went at least 14-16 months without creating a breakout piece of content on my IG timeline until everything changed Sunday at the Browns-Dolphins tailgate.

That's where the Miami-based fashion model fired up Instagram Story and documented her very first NFL tailgate White Claw shotgun and, as an Internet expert, I'm here to tell you that we have ourselves an official 2022 NFL Instagram Model Breakout Fan of the Year.

In a year when there have been very few Instagram models -- besides the usual suspects -- stepping up their content game, it's refreshing to have Mazepa on the scene and enjoying herself.

"Starting to take a liking to this whole football Sunday thing," Mazepa wrote on Instagram Story to her 1.7 million followers who typically stop by to see her modeling random pieces of clothing.

Like I said, I've been following Katharina, who is a former Miss Vienna, for well over a year and this is the first time she's stopped me in my tracks. After a while, the Instagram model content starts to run together. The minute an IG model starts gunning a malt beverage is the minute you have my full attention.

This has to be music to Roger Goodell's ears. The guy was over in Germany spreading the NFL's seed and an imported Austrian model was being converted in Miami. She got to watch the Dolphins take control of the AFC East and inhale a can of White Claw. This is a dream scenario for Goodell.

One European country at a time. Seeds flying everywhere.

Claws going down.

You're damn right you're starting to love this Sunday football thing, Katharina.

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