Instagram Model Confirms She's Dating Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer

Instagram model Katarina Miketin finally confirmed it's true, she's dating Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer. The 65-year-old Zimmer and Miketin have been long rumored to be a couple, but the Maxim model made it official only recently when asked about the relationship by Egotastic Sports.

"Yes," she told the outlet when asked if she and Zimmer were dating.

The December 2021 Maxim Australia model says in her Instagram bio that she has an MBA from Northwestern.

“Ask any of my friends, I have no ‘type,'” she said in her Maxim interview. “If I were to say what I am attracted to, I would say it is someone who is secure, extremely loyal, very driven and loves a healthy lifestyle.

“My heart is big and is receptive – almost to a fault. He can surprise me with little things. I love flowers, I love when he helps me out and makes little gestures that make my life easier. If they take my dog to the vet or go grocery shopping for me, I am theirs! I hate grocery shopping.”

Miketin, who works in the banking industry, also noted that she's an avid reader who has knocked out 100 books over the last year.

As for her ideal date, she says texting isn't her thing. That's good, because one would have to think it's not Zimmer's thing either.

"My ideal date would be a nice dinner, with some wine, outside on a patio somewhere. I like low-key places. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress-up, but sometimes simple can be better. I want to see if there is that 'spark.' I think you need to have a genuine conversation. I hate the whole texting back and forth before you meet, so I don’t do it."

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