Instagram Model Competitive Eater Sets New McNugget-Eating World Record

Like Tom Brady trying to put more Super Bowl rings on his hands, Instagram model competitive eater Leah Shutkever set her sights on one of the most important Guinness World Records known to man or woman -- the McNugget-eating record.

The McNuggets eaten in one-minute speed record is like the 100m race at the Olympics. It's the granddaddy of them all. Shutkever, who holds 27 eating world records, recently traveled to Italy to appear on the Guinness World Records show on Italian TV, but first, she had a world record to break while hanging out backstage.

With cameras rolling, Shutkever destroyed 12.42 oz of McNuggets, which equates to 19 nuggets in 60 seconds. It was good enough to crush the previous record of 10.51 oz. which was held by a fellow competitive eater, Nela Zisser.

The new record holder went into battle with a 20-piece and Leah had every intention of eating every last one, but she left one in the bowl. Like the champion she is, Leah was not happy with her performance leaving one nugget behind.

"I'll be honest, I'm really disappointed about it," the McChamp said seconds after slamming 19 nuggs.

Still, it was a world record and it's officially been added to her impressive list of accomplishments in the sport.

Her current speed eating records:

So there you have it. Think you can eat 20 McNuggets in a minute and earn yourself a Guinness World Record? It's time to put up. Leah set the mark. Beat it.

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