Instagram Makeup Model: I'm 'Too Pretty' For Career In Engineering

A British Instagram model says pumping out Instagram makeup videos is a much better career than going to engineering school and being miserable.

Take note, engineering schools.

Raquel Llorente, 23, studied engineering and product development at a British university, but boredom soon kicked in and making Instagram makeup videos was way more exciting and profitable, according to The Sun.

So Raquel quit school. She quit on engineering.

“I never wanted to be there in the first place," Raquel told The Sun. “I was spending all my student loans on different palettes and would lose myself in make-up."

“I was just having fun and doing what I usually do - but I was getting better with make-up and I felt too pretty to not be in front of a camera.

And this makeup thing is profitable. The makeup queen claims she's making around $35,000 a year for slapping makeup on her face. That's not what an engineering degree would pay out of college, but Raquel is happy and for Gen Z. that's what matters these days.

“Engineers are important, but I don’t want to build a career in something I would have hated.”

Now, instead of engineering things, Raquel is busy busting her ass to take the next step with her makeup career. That means answering emails, shooting new content videos, editing, keeping track of her follower count, etc.

“Anyone trying to become an influencer needs to be doing it because they truly love it, not because they want an easy life," the former engineering student warns.

Laugh all you want about Raquel giving up on engineering, but as the Washington Post pointed out in October, the field has an identity issue that is leading to students like Llorente to jump ship for sitting in front of an iPhone.

The Post reports that the United States needs to attract "at least" 50,000 new semiconductor engineers over the next five years "to staff all of the new factories and research labs" that are being built, including two plants in Ohio that will employ 3,000 people.

Meanwhile, Raquel won't be working in an Ohio semiconductor factory or engineering products for brands.

She'll be in her bedroom applying makeup to her eyes so Meta can keep its algorithm churning along.

Good luck to the engineering world in competing against that.

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