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College debt forgiveness from a Screencaps perspective

• Mike C. in Indianapolis writes:

Noticed the comment from Beau in Toledo in today's article - Congrats to everyone who didn't have college debt.  Now you do.

Really don't understand how venomous so many people are on this subject.  Personally, I'm of the option that if you made the decision to take the loan or make the purchase, then you are responsible for paying that back no matter how long it takes.  I was not in favor of this forgiveness even though all 3 of my kids that recently graduated from college will benefit.  The only exception is the soul-crushing medical debt that sometimes happens (but that's a completely different issue - not a choice there in almost all cases).

Where's the fervor over all the members of Congress (left and right) that had PPP loans forgiven?  And all the people that have filed for bankruptcy (some multiple times) after a spending spree for things they couldn't control.  Guess what, we're all paying for those debts too!  Then there are the major corporations that got bailed out for BILLIONS!  Still kept their jobs and their bonuses and went right back to doing what they were doing before. We're all still paying for that too.

For most of these people, it's $10K, just a fraction of the total debt they still have.  They will still be paying for years to come on the balance.  In the grand scheme of things, this is much less of an affront than all the other bailouts over the years and in the years to come.  Just one poor slob's opinion.

PS - A rant for another time…..just got homeowners and car insurance premiums for the next year.  Up 15-20% over last year. All 5 cars got older, not newer!

Kinsey: I didn't want to go down this road last week when everyone was pissed off, flying off the handle, and full of emotions when it was a beautiful week and all I wanted to do was sit on the patio with actual birds chirping in my ears.

Let me attempt to answer these questions presented by Mike. Again, this is just how I see it as a guy who paid off his loans by starting a sports blog while working a full-time job to get out of crushing debt. I worked my ass off for years, like many of you, to get as far away from debt as possible:

I'm sure there are bigger thinkers out there who can give Screencaps more perspective on why this time it feels more personal. Fire away with your thoughts.


• Aaron H. writes:

The student loan thing kills me mainly because most of our country thinks this is a great step for our youth - they are simply not educated enough on the topic. Bottom line is, when you borrowed all this money, you knew what you were getting yourself into.

All this is doing is giving kids an easy out. What happened to responsibility? You signed on for the loans, you are responsible for paying them back. Paying out your full student loans falls under the category of DO HARD THINGS. Get another job, don't go out to eat, have a budget each month, etc.

It really isn't that difficult. This all coming from a person who went to a DIII school to play football and racked up around 40k of student debt; I knew what I was getting myself into and wouldn't trade my years of college for anything, but also buckled down to pay off student loans when the time came.

This will hurt our country in the long run.

You want my political takes?

Jeff in Latrobe, PA writes:

Hey Joe!  Just curious to get your predictions on the mid-term elections this year.

Kinsey: Jeff, I can't think of anything I'd less like to predict with the sun about to come out for 7-straight days and 36 hours left in August. Here's my prediction: One political side is going to say 'Change' is on the way while the other side predicts great horrors from this election. Bank on it.

Let's take things down a notch with a trip to Kalispell, Montana

• Mike T. in Idaho writes:

One of my daughters sent me this, she works in the equestrian business!

'Do Hard Things' boating edition

You guys like stories, here's a story. Make sure you slide your way through the Instagram post to hear this boating story for the ages. Thanks to Jonathan S. for tagging me on this one.

I guess Herschel like wasting his Saturday when he could be watching college football or enjoying Patio SZN

• From Mark W.

Why lie, I need a penis enlargement

• Bill W. writes:

I saw this guy today in front of the mall in Fredericksburg Va . I’ll give him credit for being creative, but I didn’t contribute. I wished him luck though.

And with that, Tuesday is in the books.

Let's try to go out there and give 110% today. The leaves will be falling off the trees before you know it. Now is not the time to stop enjoying the sun and the warmth. That said, it's a bike night for my son and me. It'll be his big debut on his birthday bike. Can't wait.


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