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It's going to be brutal on the golf course this morning

My trip to SW Florida rolls on this morning with 18-holes after I hit 'publish' on this post here just inland from Marco Island where the weather has gotten serious thanks to this massive blizzard hitting the east coast. It's 54 degrees this morning with 15 mph winds and the chance for 40 mph gusts during our round.

Why not hunker down and skip golf this morning? Because I refuse to go down like that as people are being pummeled with 2-3 feet of snow. I feel like those of us lucky enough to escape winter have a duty to enjoy the Florida golf courses even if it's going to be uncomfortable with temps hitting 60, but a slight windchill from this pesky winter storm pushing cold air this far south.

My dad and Uncle Jim are more than up for this challenge at the Links of Naples.

Friday highlights:

• We headed south to Everglades City, Florida to eat at this place called Triad Seafood Market where I attacked blackened shrimp and shrimp gumbo because it's been such a hot topic around here. I don't think the gumbo had three meats, but it had enough shrimp to make me happy and unless someone is willing to pay my bill, that's all that matters.

• From there it was on to the Everglades City Rod & Gun Club, one of those hidden gem places in the United States that I've asked people to tell me about. This is one of those places. Founded in 1864, this place is straight out of Hollywood. Presidents (Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Hoover and Nixon) have stayed here. Hemingway visited in 1942. Burt Reynolds and Sally Field stopped by while filming "Cannonball Run."

This place is so old school that there's a sign on the front door saying "cash-only." They don't accept credit cards. They don't use computers to keep track of reservations. When I say old school, I can't emphasize it enough. If anything, stop and just walk through the main building. Walk into the old bars that will make you feel like you're living in the 1940s. Trust me.

This is Americana that I need to consume all around this country. Tell me more places like this. I'm talking hidden towns, hidden places to experience. I know they're out there.


Take a tour!

• From there it was on down the road to Chokoloskee, Florida where the road ends and it's the Everglades and water to the south, east, north and west. This place is definitely where you go to disappear from society and eat at the Havana Cafe. I'm told my uncle loves this little hole in the wall so much that it's his favorite place to eat in SW Florida.

• After that, it was time to go gator hunting on U.S. 41 along with all the other white hairs who were out and about. Then it was back to dad's place to watch the Weather Channel and drink Titos.

General observations:

Let's get to some emails!

• Gerard has a job title to submit:

Director of Understanding Definite Entertainment


Ya it’s cheesy and of is spelled wrong.  It’s all I got.  Enjoy Florida.

• Speaking of Alfie Oakes, Dane N. writes:

Thanks for featuring my email today! Was great to see. You mentioned the produce/fruit markets down that way. I'm hoping your dad has found Seed to Table market in Naples (Not sure if the Marco folks brave the drive all the way to Immokalee in North Naples).

It's incredible and the owner is a great American. Seriously, you have to interview this guy - Alfie Oakes. You won't regret it...content machine for hours I'm sure.

Believe it or not, even Naples had a mask mandate for most of 2020. Alfie and his store were one of the few places to fight it. He was fined over and over, sued the county, ended up posting a giant sign at the entrance showing several of the county commissioners in WW1 German helmets, etc. I'm telling you, it was a true freedom oasis during some very annoying times. And to top it off, the store itself is amazing. I'm talking multiple bars, wine room, fresh produce, seafood, etc. It's an incredible place.

Picture below is from October of 2020 when, even in Naples, I was being turned away from restaurants for not wearing a mask for the 20 seconds from the door to the table. Be well and have a great time! I can't even begin to imagine how the people down there are going to manage temps in the 30s. 

• Kevin F. in Naples writes:

Welcome to SWFL!

Dane from MO is correct about Palumbo's Pizza in Naples on Collier. Excellent pies.
Sounds like you had a nice afternoon yesterday. Speakeasy and Sand Bar are good spots.
If you're looking to play 18, you should be able to get a tee time this weekend and sail through your round.

Many of the old folks around here won't even leave the house if it's under 60 degrees.


Thanks Kevin. I'm very curious to see how many of the real old timers get out with us here in an hour.

And with that, I'm off to golf. It's time to battle the elements!


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