Instagram Gym Model Smashes Fitness Guru's Face During Gym Stunt

Babe, I need you to stand on this plate so we can do a viral video stunt.

Are you sure, babe? I'm not sure about this idea even though it could result in tens of millions of views if I slip and smash your face.

Seriously, babe. Let's do this. It'll be incredible content.

Ok, babe. I trust you.

And then Instagram gym model Angelina Maldonado lost her balance during the plate lift challenge and Bradley Martyn's face was promptly kicked in the face and sent to the hospital to receive 10 stitches in his mouth.

That's content 101 in 2022.

Martyn's mouth smash received more than 17.2 million TikTok views before it was taken down for some reason. The video was then uploaded to YouTube where it has since racked up several more thousand views as Martyn cashes in to help pay his stiches bill.

"My bad," Maldonado wrote on Instagram.

Uh, well, babe, Bradley did tell you to go ahead and get on that rubber bumper plate.

"This is the dumbest s--t. We're gonna hurt ourselves," Bradley told his camera crew before Angelina went up on the plate.

Yep, you're gonna hurt yourselves. Confirmed.

Looking back, Bradley knows exactly when things went wrong.

"I tried to lift a girl. Now, I've done this before where a girl sat down on a plate and I pressed her. But, someone was like, 'Why don't you have her stand up?' and I was like yeah, that's cool, that's easy," he said on YouTube.

Pulling off gym stunts, even if they result in stitches, have been big business for Martyn. This guy now has 4.2 million Instagram followers, 3 million TikTok followers and another 3 million on YouTube.

Because Bradley's not a huge puss who's going to leave his massive gym bro following thinking he's incapable of pulling off extreme gym stunts, he did a follow-up video where Angelina was benched.

Bro, he did it!

Just remember, if you're going to try this at home, you could end up with a shoe smashing your face. Act out your content fantasies accordingly.

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