Influencer's Pet Pig, Merlin, Is Trained To Say 'I'm Hungry B-tch' Via A Talk Button And Now Now He's A Pampered Cuddle Buddy

A demanding pet pig named Merlin, who has been trained to "speak" via his owner Mina Alali, is turning into quite a viral Internet star thanks to talk buttons that he uses to communicate.

The 25-year-old Alali is turning into quite a start in her own right thanks to her singing ability and this pig. The two have combined to attract a whopping 1.7 million TikTok followers thanks to videos where Merlin goes to Starbucks or walks around Alali's kitchen demanding food via speak buttons.

Some of Merlin's biggest hits include:

"I'm hungry, b-tch."


"Dance with me, mommy."


"Let's go for a ride."

"Ice cubes."

"I need water."

"Thank you."

And then you have a pig that speaks.

Ah, but when you teach your pig to speak and demand ice cubes, the pampering doesn't end there. “Merlin is very needy. He sleeps next to me in my bed — he’s an amazing cuddler,” Alali told the Daily Star. “He’s so smart it’s actually a problem."

“He presses the ‘go outside’ button all the time, and if he wants more ice cubes to suck on he presses ‘more’ and ‘ice'.”

So it's like a kid?

According to Alali, the pig has the cognitive abilities of a 3-year-old so it needs to be kept busy or Merlin will get himself into trouble. That means car rides to see the Starbucks drive-thru workers and for walks around town.

“If I’m on the couch, he jumps onto the couch or if I’m in the kitchen then he follows me into the kitchen,” she added.

There you have it. If your girlfriend or wife starts talking about getting a pet pig, you've been warned. Your ass is about to be replaced in the relationship. Keep in mind, these potbelly pigs can live from 12 to 18 years and it's not unheard of to have a pig live 20 years and typically get to 125 pounds or so.

That's what you're up against, fellas. If you think your wife or girlfriend ignores you now, wait until she's filling up a water dish every 10 minutes when the little porker sucks down a 24-oz. tall boy after eating a pile of snacks.

You've been warned.

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