Influencer Facing Jail Time For Allegedly Breaking Obscenity Laws Shows Up To Court In A Revealing Outfit

Most social media influencers post content without a thought about breaking the law. OnlyFans model Merve Taskin isn't so lucky. She's being dragged into court in Turkey over content she posted that is allegedly in violation of the country's obscenity laws.

The 23-year-old's crime? She apparently shared some of her OnlyFans content, that didn't violate Instagram's rules and regulations, on the social media platform. It's apparently not against obscenity laws to be on OnlyFans. However, sharing content that doesn't show any nudity is a violation.

Merve said of the charges, "A court decision was taken in the name of obscenity because of the normal OnlyFans photos I used and shared on my Instagram account."

"Congrats to those who reacted, you've reached your goal."

She arrived for a court hearing on the matter this week in an outfit that was designed to attract attention. The revealing look showed plenty of skin and had to be a huge middle finger to the powers that be given her charges.

Those charges that could land her in prison for three years. Seemingly not all that worried, she originally captioned her courthouse look, "How do you like my court outfit?"

The hearing was ultimately postponed according to her updated caption. Which now reads, "My court has been postponed to January 26th. I'm looking forward to the next hearing."

Count Your Influencer Blessings

This isn't her first run-in with Turkey's obscenity laws. A trip to a sex museum in Amsterdam led to her arrest when she arrived back how.

Merve had taken a picture of herself sitting on a giant penis. She had also shared another picture that appeared to be of her naked behind a glass door.

For that case she received a six month prison sentence. It was eventually reduced to five months and then suspended.

Will the courts be as forgiving this time around? One would certainly hope. Merve's court attire suggests that she seems very confident taking on the obscenity charges. As does her Instgram post the night before her appearance.