Influencer Ashly Schwan Says She Has 'The Best Knockers' On OnlyFans

Ashly Schwan got her start in social media influencing by creating vlogs on YouTube. She then took her talents to Instagram where she became a fairly successful Instagram model with more than 450,000 followers. That eventually led her to OnlyFans, where she makes a very bold claim.

Ashly's url for her OnlyFans page contains the word knockers and the bio claims she has the official #1 knockers on the platform. Like I said, that's a bold claim, but it's one she stands by.

During an appearance recently on the OnlyStans podcast, she was asked if her claim of having the "best knockers on OnlyFans" was true. Ashly replied, "100% true... I am knockers, that is just my brand; I think I have the best knockers."

She was willing to admit that there was some competition out there. But she stuck to her guns and her claim. She added, "My thing is knockers, the second I got my boob job, I made a whole Instagram 'Ashly's Knockers,' obviously it got taken down."

"My name is knockers... my followers call me knockers."

Ashly Schwan Isn't Finished Just Yet

If you thought having the best knockers on OnlyFans meant that Ashly was going to sit back and enjoy her place at the top, you would be wrong. She has plans to have them redone.

"My doctor didn't give me a single thing that I asked for; I wanted through the nipple, they gave me under the boob, I wanted low profile to moderate and they gave me higher profile, they gave me a smaller size," she revealed.

"So I'm getting them redone even though they do look amazing."

There's a fine line with going under the knife. At some point it gets ridiculous and once you get there, there's no going back. Ashly doesn't appear to have crossed that threshold yet, but the fact that she's not content with her current status might be a red flag.