In-N-Out Announces Expansion To Tennessee, Will Build Eastern Territory Office Near Nashville

In a tremendous win for Tennessee, hamburger chain In-N-Out announced they are expanding to the Volunteer State.

Although the company isn't moving out of California, they do become the latest business to grow into other states.

The California-based company is one of the most popular fast food restaurants on the West Coast, attracting consistently massive lines.

With high quality, extremely affordable food and consistently above average service, they've developed a near-religious following among Californians.

While they already have locations in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Oregon and Colorado, the furthest east locations are currently in Texas.

In-N-Out had famously said they wouldn't expand further east until they could recreate the same, expected experience.

Apparently they believe now is the time.

The company is known for such high standards that it was rumored they wouldn't move into Dodger Stadium because it didn't meet their cooking requirements.


In-N-Out Moving South

The company famously clashed with San Francisco, when they were required to check proof of vaccination in 2021.

At the time, In-N-Out rightfully said they had no intention of becoming the vaccination police for any government.

While it's unlikely any political disagreements were behind their move, it's still a bit of a surprise for them to move to the South.

Tennessee is the first stop, but given they're opening regional offices near Nashville, it implies even greater expansion. Could Georgia or Florida be the next stop?

Given national competition from chains like Shake Shack, they might be seeing opportunities to claw back a bit of the hamburger market share.

Either way, this is big news for Tennessee residents excited for double-doubles and classic shakes.

Oh and for anyone soon to be making their first visit, make sure to check out the "secret" menu. You won't regret it.

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