In-Game Proposal Goes Wrong, Team Says It Was Not A Work

Gazing at the woman before him that mirrored a love for baseball, with hair like a flock of goats, a man mustered the courage to get down on one knee and propose to his partner, before a home team baseball audience. What resulted was a sprint out of the venue quicker than a soccer match streaker as the girlfriend turned down the Worcester Red Sox fan.

A moment that's filled to the brim with embarrassment, the rejected fan's nightmare was caught on camera from a spectating fan, while the venue watched the scene unfold on the stadium Jumbotron.

Viewers of the viral scene have already started speculating as to whether the rejection was truly a fail from the baseball fan, or an acting flop altogether.

It was reported that the moment at Polar Park in Massachusetts was completely authentic, per the VP of the Worcester Red Sox. “It was definitely not a stunt in any way by the club — and every indication from those involved was that it was sincere,” said Bill Wanless.

While the scene does one-up the romanticism of proposing at Disney World, trying to overshadow the ecstasy of a return to live sporting events did give the guy a disadvantage from the start. If the gal wants to sit back and purely watch the game, probably not a good idea to interrupt with something like marriage.

While the tape does show the sockless, lovesick fan in genuine confusion after getting rejected, it comes down to the woman's Razzie-worthy performance that didn't give the moment the added punch that a rejection delivers. (Not that I would know.)

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