Hugh Hefner's Girlfriends Are Once Again Bashing The Dead Guy & His 'Hoarder' Sex Den Lifestyle

Here we go again with Hugh Hefner's ex-Playboy bunny girlfriends -- Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt -- trashing the dead guy in yet another podcast where the aging blondes attempt to rewrite their pop culture histories even though they were willing participants in Hugh's sex kingdom.

On their new podcast, "Girls Next Level," Madison, 42, and Marquardt, 48, railed on Hugh's "hoarder-style bedroom" where the poon king had "vibrators all over the bed."

Hey ladies, did you bother studying up on Hef before welcoming a visit to the sex den? This is like saying you didn't know that suckin' down a Miller Lite was going to be disgusting after a decade of drinking Bud Light.

“I was shocked at how messy it was,” Marquardt said on the podcast. “We walked in and it was just a disaster in there. The lights were out, but there were two giant TV screens in there that were playing porn … There’s just so much junk.”

Now, this is where I have to remind you that Bridget was so repulsed by Hef's bedroom sex dungeon that she was with Hef from 2002-2009.

“Then you get in , and there’s vibrators all over the bed,” Marquardt continued. “I’d never used a vibrator before.”

And that makes Hef a bad guy?

Now let's get to Holly's memories of the chambers where Hef conducted his business with the Bunnies.

“Imagine thinking you’re this big player and you’re bringing all these girls home, and your room looks like s–t,” Madison told Bridget. “It’s like the weird eccentric millionaire version of the guy with the mattress on the floor and a ‘Pulp Fiction’ poster.”

Let's not forget that Holly was with the Playboy legend from 2001-2008.

Because they're trying to get a podcast off the ground and attract listeners, the ladies then went into the juicy orgy details.

“I thought I would have a chance to see what was going on, see if I was comfortable with it,” Holly recalled. "I just remember feeling so gross and so used. I felt like this girl was being so nice to me and so welcoming, but really I was just another piece of meat for her to throw under him so she looks better.”

And then she hung around for seven years. Why stay?

"I've had people ask me before, 'If you didn't like the sex or it freaked you out, why didn't you just leave?' But you have to understand if I were to just leave, I'm going back to my problems of not having a place to live," Holly explained. "Plus, I just had sex with this guy, which to me is like a big deal. The only community I feel like I'm a part of in L.A, everyone will know I had sex with him randomly, I better move in and be a girlfriend."

The next morning, Holly asked Hef if she could move into the Mansion.

"Sure, let's see how it goes," Holly recalls Hef saying. She didn't leave until the end of 2008.

Bridget followed that up with her own story of getting into the orgy biz.

“I remember when I woke up the next morning I felt really weird, I had never done anything like that before, not just with Hef but with anybody,” she added.

“I feel like ‘icky’ is the best way to describe it because I just felt yuck all around, and I felt crazy lonely. I felt like I was the only one in that whole mansion … I had no idea what to do and I just felt gross, like I wanted to throw up.”

For Madison, this is the same way she's been making money since at least 2016 when she claimed to be living in fear at the Playboy Mansion.

“Now Holly is on cover of People mag sayin she lived in fear at the mansion,” Hef's other full-time girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson tweeted in 2016. “She wasn’t in fear with that d–k in her ass for a paycheck.”

Holly's $17.33 per month OnlyFans page must not be paying the bills. When in doubt, bash the dead guy.

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