Howard Stern Speculates Kirstie Alley's Anti-Mandate Stance Caused Her Colon Cancer Death

The sudden death of "Cheers" star Kirstie Alley has former star radio host Howard Stern thinking about vaccine mandates against Covid-19.

One might wonder what colon cancer, the cause Alley's death, has to do with a vaccine that ineffectively prevented the spread of a virus from Wuhan. The correct answer is not a thing. Yet Stern connected the two on Tuesday as he reacted to Alley's death.

Stern wondered aloud if Alley's stance on vaccine mandates caused her to die from cancer. We'll let Howard explain:

“I know she was an anti — she was not anti-vaccine, but she was anti-mandate. Maybe — this was a theory this morning cause we were all discussing it. Maybe she didn’t go to the doctor soon enough when she wasn’t feeling well? But that’s complete — a story made up by us. I mean, there’s no facts behind it."

Speculating that someone didn't go to the doctor to detect their cancer early enough because they rejected the government mandating a dubious vaccine is a rather new stage in the career of Howard Stern.

And like the previous iterations, this one will not appeal to the broad audience that once made him the leading star in media.

Stern's gross speculation also makes little sense. It wasn't individuals like Alley who opposed going to the doctor during the pandemic. It was the frightened weasels like Stern who didn't leave their property at the risk of catching a virus he portrayed as akin to the plague.

Second, Stern's theory only works in the scenario Alley suffered cancer symptoms. Unfortunately, many cancers don't cause symptoms until the later stages of the disease. (PSA: consider routine screenings.)

Co-host Robin Quivers used this fact to counter Stern's rant:

“There are many, many cancers, Howard, that don’t really show up with symptoms for a long, long time,” Quivers said.

“Is that right?” Stern injected.

Later, Stern called the death of the 71-year-old actress frightening, as he's only a few years younger at 68 years old.

“I was all freaked out. My wife told me this morning that Kirstie Alley died,” Stern said Tuesday. “Well, what freaked me out about Kirstie Alley is — is that she’s 71 and I know to some people that’s old, but to me that’s young and they’re saying it was like a sudden kind of cancer,” Stern said.

Fair. But Howard spent the past two years hunkered down out of fear of death anyway. He lives in grave terror already.

So, we don't anticipate Kirstie Alley's heart-breaking death to change much for Stern

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