Howard Stern Confused By Kid Rock's Outrage At Bud Light/Dylan Mulvaney Collaboration

Howard Stern isn't sure why Kid Rock wasn't pleased with Bud Light partnering with Dylan Mulvaney.

Bud Light shocked many people and caused outrage when the beer brand teamed up with the transgender activist, who seems to enjoy making a mockery of womanhood.

In response, many people made it clear they were done with Bud Light, and nobody was more obvious about it than the legendary rock star.

He lit up some cases of Bud Light with a firearm and shouted, "F*ck Bud Light and f*ck Anheuser-Busch."

Howard Stern weighs in on Kid Rock/Bud Light debacle.

Now, Howard Stern has weighed in on the controversy, and he wishes the famous "American Badass" singer had explained his stance before opening fire.

"I thought there must be a piece of this story that I’m missing. I’m not bothered by gay people or transsexual people. They don’t impact my life, they don’t hurt my life. I love when people are in love. You wanna be a woman? Be a woman. You wanna be a dude, be a dude. Be whatever you f—ing want. As long as you ain’t hurting anybody, I’m on your team ... I wish I could call Kid Rock and have him come on the show and just tell me ‘Why are you so upset about this? How is it hurtful?’ I don’t know why he got so upset," Stern said Monday on his show, according to Fox News.

To be fair to Stern, he doesn't seem overly outraged by what Kid Rock did. He simply wants to know why Kid Rock was fired up.

A lot of people are not happy.

While Kid Rock, who is hands down an American music icon, didn't really explain why he fired away at some Bud Light cases, it's not hard to understand why people aren't huge fans of Dylan Mulvaney.

Dylan Mulvaney is a biological male who seems to really enjoy making a mockery of being a woman. The Bud Light collaboration made it seem like women are too dumb to understand sports and behave like airheads.

As anyone at OutKick can tell you, there are plenty of women who are incredibly intense sports fans. The idea they're not is downright offensive.

Backlash has been swift.

It's also not just an opinion that people are not happy with Bud Light. The beer brand, which has ignored multiple requests for comment from OutKick, is taking a hit.

"I think society flexes its muscles sometimes and reminds manufacturers that the consumer is still in charge. In Bud Light's effort to be inclusive, they excluded almost everybody else, including their traditional audience," Jeff Fitter, owner of Case & Bucks, told Fox Business.

Beer Business Daily also reported distributors "particularly in the Heartland and the South" were spooked by the reaction to the partnership between Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney.

The trade publication noted there was a hit to Bud Light's volume being moved, but due to the small sample size, the drop could be also associated with it being Easter weekend.

People don't want politics involved with their beer. The average dude just wants a cold one after a hard day of work. They don't want to have a person who seems to get off on the idea of making fun of women to be involved. Bud Light appears to be learning that lesson.

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