'House Of The Dragon' Gets Insane Viewership Numbers

People love "House of the Dragon."

The fifth episode of the "Game of Thrones" prequel series aired this past Sunday, and continued the trend of the show being absolutely incredible.

Well, the high quality and superb entertainment value has led to some monster ratings.

Lots of people are tuning in for "House of the Dragon."

Through five episodes, the series is averaging 29 million viewers an episode, according to Variety. That number makes it easily the most-watched show on TV right now.

For comparison, the season four finale of "Yellowstone" had roughly 10 million viewers on the Paramount Network.

"Yellowstone" has dominated the TV ratings since premiering in 2018, and "House of the Dragon" is absolutely crushing its numbers.

I think we all knew the show about the Targaryens would be a hit, but I'm not sure anyone expected episodes to average 29 million viewers.

It goes to show what having a built-in audience and fanbase can do to propel a series to success.

Now, we have five episodes left to close out season one, and I have no doubt the ratings will continue to be insane.

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