Hot Cop Jokes About Being Too Hot To Be A Cop

Is it possible to be too hot to be a cop? A sheriff's deputy from Arizona is certainly putting that question to the test. She has a TikTok account, where she goes by the name Kimberly, that has racked up millions of views.

Kimberly's more than 280,000 followers, and those who don't follow but watch her videos, have a hard time believing she's really a police officer. From the looks of it she's having a really good time with the whole thing.

She's shared several videos that she says are created while off duty that show her in uniform and poke fun at the idea that she's too hot to be a cop.

She's even shared a video of herself sitting in the back of a fake police car. The text of which reads, "If 'being too hot to be a cop' becomes illegal" in response to a comment that she was too hot to be a cop.

If constantly posting videos in her uniform isn't enough for you, the New York Post did some digging and confirmed that Kimberly is in fact a sheriff's deputy.

They found a Facebook post from her unnamed employer. The social media post indicates that she started her career in law enforcement back in June 2021.

The videos in her uniform started in January and picked up steam over the summer. They've increasingly been geared towards the fact that her following believes she's too hot to be a police officer.

Too Hot To Be A Cop?

Being too hot to be a cop isn't a thing, is it? Getting too much attention on social media for being a hot cop, not just from people wanting to be arrested by her, might be a thing though.

Let's hope Kimberly's videos don't end up getting her in trouble with her employer. She creates them off duty and just for fun.

Everything else that has come after posting hot cop videos for fun is all by accident. It will be completely by accident when she spins this into becoming a full-fledged influencer too.

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